The New World Order


In “Fun With Fratire,” I discussed my feelings about ‘fratire’ and it’s male votaries who, it was claimed, are ‘teeming with resentment against the current social order.’ Well friends, there have been some significant developments since then. Earlier this month, Reason Magazine featured an article by Jonathan Rauch entitled, “The Coming American Matriarchy.” The article comprised Rauch’s reactions to projections by the National Center for Education Statistics, which predict that by the year 2016, male enrollment in degree-granting institutions will have increased from 2005 levels by 10% while female enrollment will have increased by 22%. In light of the facts that American patriarchy is past its prime (clearly exemplified by the antagonists of the Washington Mutual commercials — bankers that steal the money of their hard-working account holders through hidden fees and service charges — being OLD, white men) and that 2006 census data showed equal numbers of college degrees hanging on the respective office walls — or, as in the case of my degree, stuffed into the respective, mothball-scented, cedar chests — of male and female graduates alike, we have a potential inversion of the American social order on our hands. So then, as a follow-up to my previous blog I must ask: how do you like ‘dem apples, fratire fans?

All that being said, however, let it be known that I am not one to believe the hype. Do I think that the U.S. will be the next Finland? Unlikely. Not to mention, it is just not in my interest to sound the alarms on this one. Guys, just keep doing what you’re doing. Just chill back with those brewskies, especially if your consumptive conduit of choice is a beer hat, and enjoy The Man Show (is that shit still on the air?) — everything is going to be just fine.

More importantly, I would like the girls out there (and their parents) to understand what this means: in today’s world, you can not measure a man by his salary or his academic pedigree alone. Women of tomorrow will have the luxury of being able to love a man for his heart and soul, irrespective of what is in his wallet. Even today, many women know what kind of lifestyle they want and can attain it on their own. But do heed some cautionary advice from a girl who earned an “A” in Family Law: choose wisely, girls. Prenups can only take you so far (which isn’t very far at all).


2 Responses to “The New World Order”

  1. really nice one and keep it up! for indian matrimonials

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