Goodbye Restaurant Week, Hello Credit Card Debt


How do some New Yorkers know that another year has passed? Is it the descent of another sphere of light from high up in Times Square? Maybe another overpriced evening at an overrated venue that’s overcrowded, managers having seized the opportunity to cram in as many people as possible at the New Years Eve premium rate? Or how about another apartment party, brimming with potential one night stands holding red plastic cups amid streamers and party favors galore? Maybe. But for some New Yorkers, it’s the close of another Winter Restaurant Week. Now that the food fest has come to an end, some reflections: The only thing grander than living in a cosmopolitan city replete (pun intended) with some of the world’s most talented chefs and their delectables is Restaurant Week, enabler of the masses. Sad to see it go, I am left with fond memories of Craft and Morimoto, and an alarmingly high debt-to-income ratio (i.e. time to start making those minimum payments). Lesson learned. Restaurant Week is a wonderful thing, but the impulsive and self-indulgent among us must remember that $24.07/$35 will buy only so much! Those “White Lily” cocktails, the extra desserts, the side that you don’t order with your prix-fixe but absolutely must try – restaurants aren’t giving them away. In fact, they are charging a lot of money for them. I aim to keep this in mind as the countdown to Summer Restaurant Week 2008 begins (dates are usually posted in June, but dreams of braised monkfish cheeks and cavatelli duck confit may come sooner).


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