Back to Reality


Just arrived back from my cruise today. My sincere apologies for the lack of warning and for my failure to remotely update Queen Samantha. My hectic lifestyle doesn’t lend itself to foresight and my low bank account balance didn’t lend itself to Royal Caribbean’s $28/hr internet access fees. Overall, the trip was a good time; however, I think it will take my body entirely too long to regain equilibrium. There’s something so unnatural about cruising. I wish I could say that the usual suspects are at the root of my physiological transistasis; while we did eat and drink more than our fair share, we kept it classy. No, I just have to believe that my body intuitively responds when I confine it to a floating entertainment park inhabited by 2800+ others hailing from numerous foreign countries and locales. And (OK, FINE), I ate too much. So again, deepest apologies for my neglect (I hope my children will let me off so easily) and keep on reading! I plan to make constructive use of my cruise-induced lethargy by posting something on this beef recall.

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