Christians Do It Better



Just when I thought I had made up my mind against organized religion (I accept Judaism culturally, but view the Bible as nothing more than a historical text), the Relevant Church of Tampa, Florida went ahead and challenged — yes, challenged — it’s members to have sex every day for a month. Granted, this is a “casual, contemporary” congregation that meets at the Italian Club, but still … I like it. This is like the 30-day yoga challenge, but better. And Christian. The challenge, however, has one caveat (don’t go toting any fertilizer-filled U-Hauls down to Tampa yet, my Evangelistic friends): married couples are the only members challenged to have a lot of sex.  The flip side of the challenge is 30 days of abstinence for singles. All in all, good ideas on the part of the Relevant Church. Kudos from Queen Sam.

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