Snippets: Whole Foods, Bouchon Bakery, doubleTwist, and Blood


I had one hell of a day doing nothing in particular.

Remember when I said, “The reality is that …. a [system of small-scale, organic food production] may only ever exist for the relatively deep-pocketed and/or truly industrious among us?” Well I’m not that industrious. I do, however, have a credit card. So, I started my day with some grocery shopping, as I had very little in my fridge other than a door full of condiments that my ex and I had accumulated over 2.5 years of road trips. Anyway, two rather small grocery bags and $100 later, I have some organic shit in my fridge and much shallower pockets. I also proved my point that, for those who are not truly industrious, eating only healthy food requires chedda. At some point I will have to look up local co-ops. I wouldn’t be able to choose what produce I would get, but I (hopefully) would then avoid having to choose between bankruptcy and the degeneration of my vital organs. I feel liberated already.

For lunch I met a friend at Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center. The extravagance of the TWC never ceases to amaze me. Maybe it’s all the glass. Maybe it’s because I know that Per Se, Masa, and Cafe Grey are right upstairs. Maybe it’s because it houses one of the only free-standing Joseph Abboud stores I’ve ever seen. Or maybe it’s because even the “fast food” is of the Thomas Keller variety. Literally. Regardless, we sat and ate our grilled veggie sandwiches (which were good, but pedestrian by Keller standards) and discussed our artistic pursuits, along with a book that we plan to co-author. There’s nothing more exciting than plans. Anyway, if all goes well, you can expect our book to hit shelves in late 2009. We will need some prayers and maybe a miracle — that’s where you come in.

I returned home and began installation of doubleTwist, which was a CLUSTER FUCK. I should’ve known not to do it, since Mercury is in retrograde, which (my Mother tells me) invokes technological poltergeist. You know … like in Poltergeist. Anyway, the program is brilliant and I officially want to bear the children of creator, Jon Lech Johansen, a Norwegian hacker who works under the pseudonym, “DVD-Jon.” Basically, doubleTwist enables their users (i.e. music owners stripped of basic property rights through Apple’s adhesion contracts) to strip iTunes files of their protective coating (“DRM”) so that they are operable in other mp3 players, cell phones, and video game consoles. For more on doubleTwist, see my post on Guest of a Guest. Anyway, I can’t even get into what I’ve been going through trying to circumvent iTunes (which I believe has downloaded something onto my laptop that prevents me from accessing the doubleTwist website — I know this because I have two computers; one with iTunes installed and one without. I can only access doubleTwist on the computer that is sans iTunes.). To sum it up, FUCK APPLE, THEIR STUPID FUCKING MARKETING CAMPAIGN AND THEIR CRAPPY FUCKING I-POD! AND TELL STEVE JOBS FIRST TO GO FUCK HIMSELF AND THEN TO COME TO NYC AND CLEAN MY APARTMENT BECAUSE HE OWES ME SOMETHING AND THAT IS WHAT I’D LIKE.

At some point during the day I sat on the phone with the Sony’s warranty people. More adhesion contracts, more agita, more back pain.


The night ended with an 8:30 showing of “There Will Be Blood.” Despite the fact that it was entirely too long, I loved it; however, I couldn’t tell you why. There is a lot to unpack. More on that at a later date — after some sleep, a $5 organic blue-green algae bar, and maybe a glass of organic carrot juice.


2 Responses to “Snippets: Whole Foods, Bouchon Bakery, doubleTwist, and Blood”

  1. I have rejected digital tunes because of the embedded spy-chips in the players and the digital information transferred subject to Apple’s ever-evolving open-ended license. I think it is a privacy invasion, especially given the fact that you relinquish your rights to them selling your user info to third-parties. It is the same way with Google, Yahoo, and now with the Tele-coms. Bush is making sure to exempt Tele-Coms from liability for breach of contract by handing over private user data and content to the government. Can you say police state?

    I stick with vinyl and CDs. That way I am safe and secure in my listening and do not have to worry about the Copyright Act or the new evolving technologies that will be used to sue or prosecute me. It helps me sleep at night too.

  2. 2 Brittanygh

    I’ve been meaning to make my way to Bouchon Bakery for a while now. That and sampling all of NYC’s top burgers.

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