Janet Huckabee Smoking Crack



Now, as much as I *hate* to jump on the “sling mud at the hopeful’s wife” bandwagon, I’m going to. And I’m going to do it only because this woman’s stupidity begs, pleads, GROVELS for it. Of course, I speak of none other than Janet Huckabee, wife of Mike Huckabee, my second favorite 2008 GOP hopeful (I find his tenuous grasp on reality endearing). Anyway, back to Janet.

First she went on a personal trip to Las Vegas. (DING)

Then she attended a middleweight prize fight. (DING DING)

And then it turns out that she was staying … wait, where? At Hooters?? (DINGDINGDINGDINGDINGDING)

What the fuck was she smoking? Sure, there’s no way that Mike is taking home a GOP nomination, but come on, Janet! At least pretend that there’s a race going on here! It is sad how the media focuses on superficial aspects of our presidents and presidential hopefuls, as opposed to the real issues. That being said, however, this is our reality. And Janet … oh, my dear Janet … well, let’s just say that she and Mike are a match made in heaven. If I were Republican, I would support a Huckabee nomination simply because they’re wacky (in an entertaining, Lucy and Desi kind of way). But, I’m a Democrat, so I support McCain.

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