Guido Lovin’: JoEy tHa KiDDD!!!



If you love guidos as much as I do, JoEy tHa KiDDD!!!’s MySpace profile is a “must see” on your itinerary of mindless internet surfing. Author unknown, the site dissects the guido down to conception, fully taking advantage of all the bells and whistles MySpace has to offer – right down to the URL ( Added bonus: request his friendship and if you’re cool enough to make the cut, you’ll be privy to his snarky bulletins. Ex. (Subject) I NEED A JOB; (Body) Hand or blow. Let me know if you’re interested. If you’re anything like me, nothing will brighten your day more than reading something like that.

On a related note, does anyone know the identity of the hopelessly misguided male youth, pictured above? His mug has become synonymous with the Millenial guido — he’s basically a cultural icon. This may be the greatest achievement of his life, and he may not even know it! That is just too sad. Someone should find out who he is, contact his parole officer, and make sure that he has something worthwhile to tell his grandkids. Or his NA sponsor. Whatever.

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