“The Bourne Retirement” Filming in Midtown?



Brace yourself for yet another, random act of cinematic-quality violence: circa 2 p.m. Friday, around 6th Ave. and 56th St., a gunman dragged a 50-yr-old man by his – get this – black duffle bag full of about $100k cash, freshly withdrawn from a nearby bank. Oh, and our (presumed) antagonist multi-tasked, beating duffle bag man in the head with a gun as he dragged him past Starbucks (the obvious culprit for product-placement in any movie) and down the street. While this is disturbing, I am obviously amused by the theatrical quality. Because where else but in the movies do people withdraw $100k in cash and put it in a black duffle bag? Wait, maybe they were actually filming a movie? Because that can get confusing sometimes … Get the full story here.

One Response to ““The Bourne Retirement” Filming in Midtown?”

  1. 1 Steffany

    In the same vein it can be said that Spiderman 4 is filming in Brooklyn Heights. Apparently there there has been a thief who gains access to homes via fire escape.


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