Bloomie’s Burnout: An Update


Not too long ago I resolved to make better financial decisions in my effort to conquer New York City life. In case you’re wondering how it’s going, here is an update on my status, resolution by resolution:

  1. Sit-down dinners. I have not paid for my own sit-down dinner more than once/week. One point for me.
  2. Cafe-bought coffee. I was doing well with the less-than one/wk rule UNTIL I happened upon a family emergency. Technically, I wasn’t in NY (a prereq for the resolutions); however, I hate to wiggle out of things on a technicality. So I’ll just say that I should’ve carved out a more general duress exception, as I did for the resolution on cabs (see below). Junior associate lesson #1: always draft to cover your ass. Since I didn’t cover my ass, I guess I failed this leg of the mission. Maybe I’ll amend the original resolution to include a 3-strikes rule. And since I’m the only one voting, consider it done.
  3. Nights out. I have not paid for my own night out more than once/week, with the exception of previously-made social commitments, which are provided for in the original resolution. Check.
  4. Clothes and shoes. I have not bought one piece of clothing or one pair of shoes. EXCEPT for a plain, $16 tank at a Key West Banana Republic, purchased in anticipation of a jungle hike in Cozumel the very next day, for which I had no t-shirt or tank top to wear. Again, it wasn’t in NY, but I feel slimy using the out. Damn my shitty drafting! If improper attire for hiking in Mexico isn’t duress, I don’t know what is! Consider this strike one for Resolution #4. Oh, didn’t I mention that it was three strikes per resolution?
  5. Make-up. I have bought no make-up. Not even the Duane Reade mascara provided for in the resolution. Go team!!
  6. Cabs. No more than two/week, except in cases of duress. This resolution went to shit. There’s no chance. Consider it a big, fat failure.
  7. Concert Tickets — only Feist and Tiger Army. Well, I’m not going to either, so there’s some serious progress for ya. Can you feel the savings?!
  8. Chocolate. No more Michel Cluziel — Lindt and Ghirardelli only. Check, check! We’re on a roll!
  9. Mixed berries at Agata and Valentina. Score! I’ve moved on to organic strawberries for half the price.
  10. Spring handbag < $100. I’ve already spotted a potential at American Apparel for $30.
  11. No massages, no facials. My blackheads and I assure you that these resolutions have been honored.
  12. Standard mani/pedis only. You got it.

So, it’s about two and a half weeks later and I’m not doing so badly. Technically, the cab resolution is the only real failure. Let me just acknowledge my frivolity by saying that this experiment is ridiculous and that I am very fortunate to have these as my problems. In fact, I may not continue posting on my progress —  if I don’t make it to June 4th, I will feel really badly about myself and you all will know that I have good reason to feel badly about myself; on the other hand, if I do make it to June 4th, it won’t really call for a pat on the back anyway.  That set of circumstances is just bad for me, and down right anticlimactic for you. Maybe I will challenge myself to save 75% of my tax return until I begin working (in addition to my efforts pursuant to the resolutions above). It’s a plan.  And boy, I hope that tax return is big …

2 Responses to “Bloomie’s Burnout: An Update”

  1. 1 Brklyngrrl

    Even though you won’t be having facials, maybe you can recommend your favorite place. If you do, then you can live vicariously through me!

  2. 2 Queen Samantha

    I highly recommend Mario Badescu. Get Maria. Go for the alpha-hydroxy add-on.

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