An Eternity of Laughs


There are some things that I always go back to for a laugh. I have a vivid memory of my brother unpacking a box of his crap in our mother’s basement. Somehow, he managed to get the hair at the perimeter of his forehead stuck to packing tape that was still attached to a flap on the short side of his regtangular box. Box half full and still rather heavy, he looked up at me out of the corner of his eye, head bowed in submission to the packing tape gods, and requested that I get him a scissor. Howling in laughter, I bounded up the stairs, but somehow got sidetracked — maybe the cat was particularly entertaining that evening or I became wrapped up in some pre-pubescant, middle-school drama. Either way, I completely forgot about his plight and left him stuck in the basement, sitting indian-style, head bowed, attached to a large cardboard box. Ultimately, he somehow managed to unpack the box while attached (which is SO MUCH FUN to imagine), carried the empty box upstairs, and liberated himself on his own. I still crack up when I think about it and I access that memory whenever I’m feeling down. Well, today I was reminded of another source of undieing hilarity: “I am better than your kids.” This is hands-down the funniest site I’ve ever seen, with Gonads and Strife coming in at a close second.  Oh, and please don’t leave the page before visiting “Crappy art #2,” linked at the bottom of the page — you would be doing yourself a huge disservice.

Please enjoy these sites at your leisure. I hope they bring you as much pleasure as would the site of your older brother, helpless, with his head attached to a large box. Ahh … life really does have so much to offer.

4 Responses to “An Eternity of Laughs”

  1. 1 Your Brother

    Very funny Honey. I’ll send you the bill for my psychiatric therapy and hair restoration.

  2. 2 Your Brother

    And btw, it was our dad’s basement, and you bought the crystals in Georgetown.

  3. 3 Queen Samantha

    It was definitely mom’s basement! I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life. Except that I bought the crystals in Union Station. Ground floor. West Concourse.

  4. 4 Your Mother

    It was my basement. You two are idiots.

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