Single, Happy, Not at All Interested


As a single, my life would be incomplete if, every now and then, I weren’t faced with a situation that forced me to ask myself, “Just how desperate am I, exactly?” Maybe I will face the question when deciding whether to call someone back. Or maybe it will come when I must decide whether to pay another $125 to attend another singles charity event. Well today, it came when I considered – just for a millisecond – buying a $70 sterling silver SHI pendant. The SHI Symbol is the newest import from our Anglo brethren and stands for “Single-Happy-Interested.” Like the wedding ring (or maybe the Scarlet Letter?), the idea is to brand individuals in an effort to convey status and, to some degree, indicate to others how to receive those donning the symbol. In theory, I like the concept, and if they were giving them away for free, I would consider wearing one. The fact of the matter, however, is that I’m not sure I’d want to date someone desperate enough to cough up $70-$270 for a SHI Symbol. Am I wrong?

The company just officially launched in the U.S., so keep an eye out for SHI Symbols on a single near you. I’m interested to see if it catches on, and if so, among whom. Maybe I would buy one, depending (baaa-aaaaa, baaaaaaaaa).

4 Responses to “Single, Happy, Not at All Interested”

  1. Another ridiculous branding exercise. Why not a forehead stamp that says “I lack individual personality and rely on jewelry to relay my status and interests?” I guess you would have to have a wide-ass forehead for that. You are right though, it is a desperate conformist sap who spends money to sport that gear. It is actually a positive identifier of a chap you would want to avoid. Blokes with game (and something to offer) wouldn’t need the SHI(t) badge.

  2. 2 littleprincess21

    Dear Queen Samantha and Jonnypeepers,

    I felt deeply hurt by your comments on SHI… as I am a SHI Symbol wearer – and I am SINGLE-HAPPY-INTERESTED… interested enough to meet as many singles as possible. You are virtually saying singles are losers – well i have news for you…. I am single, attractive, intelligent, and a successful 20 something year old woman… where in fact most would see me as attached for these reasons…. It is a god send that someone has thought of this concept to ID a genuine single out and about in their everyday life. Does that mean everyone on the online dating sites with photos posted are losers too? At least SHI you can see if you want to even have that first coffee… and I now meet loads of people everyday. That can’t believe I am single. So this little princess in definitely on her high horse.

  3. 3 Queen Samantha

    Whoa, whoa, whoa … hold your high horses there, Little Princess. I am absolutely NOT saying that singles are losers. I am saying that singles who wear SHI Symbols very well *may* be losers. Here’s the thing: there is an undeniable singles MARKET out there and our burden as singles is to decide a) whether or not we want to engage the enterprises that feed off of our status and b) if so, determine on a case-by-case basis whether a relationship with one of these enterprises would yield a symbiotic or merely a parasitic relationship. Without more, I would have to guess that the SHI symbol is more of the parasitic variety. I mean, $70 for a chintzy pendent? Come on. As a single, I’ve paid for opportunities to meet other singles, but I could always rationalize that the value paid was commensurate with the value of the tangible received. There is no way that you can rationalize spending $70 on 1″ of sterling silver unless a) you’ve seen the community of wearers, know they’re for you, and thus know that the pendent carries with it at least $70 worth of intrinsic worth in the form of dating potential; or b) you admit that you’re a slave to your fear of being alone forever and therefore will pay anyone anything for any chance to put a lid on what you (have good reason to) fear will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Since I don’t see anyone sporting these things, I would have to go ahead and guess that the groundbreaking few would be of the latter, (b), category of wearer and would thus be someone that I would not want to date. Like I said, in my last sentence, I’d consider wearing one, but I need to see the money first.

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