If You Think Pro-Anorexia Websites Are Cool, Check Out Miss Bimbo



Miss Bimbo, an internet game targeting girls aged 9 to 16, is an especially innovative way to promote body image issues and low self-esteem among young girls. Think I’m being too critical? Times Online reported that children compete against each other to create what Miss Bimbo calls “the coolest, richest and most famous bimbo in the world.” Players accomplish this by earning “bimbo dollars,” which they use to buy breast enlargement surgery, lingerie, diet pills, and clubbing gear for their virual bimbos, along with a host of other products and services that you wouldn’t even want your 9-year-old to know about, never mind compete for. Kind of like the game, Oregon Trail, players must monitor certain vital stats in order to win the game. But where Oregon Trail measures food, sleep and health, Miss Bimbo monitors weight, wardrobe, and wealth.

I can see how this game could be amusing, which is why I won’t venture to blast the offensiveness of the name, “Miss Bimbo,” the Level 17 instruction (“There is a billionaire on vacation . . . You must catch his eye and his love! Good luck.”), or any of the many, many other obvious points of contention. If I took Miss Bimbo seriously, I could write a dissertation on it. What I will do, however, is blast the social irresponsibility targeting impressionable young girls. Surely we can all agree that this is one website that should be limited to those who are old enough to understand the humor. Now, back to my meal supplement shake and “Crunchless Abs” DVD …

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