Poison Mozzerella



 “Washed” spinach – fine.  Beef – fine.  Kids’ toys – err, whatever.  But buffalo mozzarella?  That soft, spongy, creamy, deliciousness which my caprese salad could not exist without?  NOOOOOOOOO!!  Today, just four days after a police investigation of dioxin levels in Italian mozzarella, Reuters reports that the European Commission has asked Italy to officially rubber-stamp their mozzarella.  It turns out that the Italian mafia — the Camorra, specifically — isn’t as competent as we all thought.  Or at least, not as environmentally friendly.  Follow this if you can: the Camorra has dealt with their waste disposal responsibilities by dumping and burning industrial waste in the vicinity of agriculturalists who produce feed for the buffalo herds whose milk is used to produce the most important element of my caprese salad.  Can we go six months without being poisoned, please?  Stay tuned as I turn my apartment into an organic vegetable farm, and spend my winters subsisting on dried tomatoes and cilantro jam.      

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