No Longer A Guest


Since my life has recently become too hectic to continue writing for Guest, I have returned to WordPress to resume Queen Samantha’s Weblog. I can’t say that I was happy to leave Guest; but there was a moment – which involved a squirrel, a cilantro plant, and a song – when I knew it was inevitable. I wish only the best for Rachelle, Guest, and the rest of the team and hold out high hopes of returning in the fall.

Squirrels and cilantro plants aside, my scheduled existence has been graced by a few good things. I’m talking LOTS of recession sales (70% off Marc Jacobs shoes WHAAAT???), Obagi skincare products, DIY tomato pollination, Hercules, lovesickness, and an old nemesis who’s broke, jobless, and pregnant with a Mongoloid’s child. I don’t mean to sound harsh. Rest assured, I love Mongoloids.

I do hope to resume writing at least once per day. I can do that here since, contrary to Guest, I don’t have to be cool to write on my own site. In fact, I can be the Pariah of social pariahs and I will STILL get hits, if for no other reason than because, months ago, I added a picture of an English Bulldog to a post. Since the country has been swept with English Bulldog fever, provenance yet unknown, I can type up the phone book and still get hundreds of hits per day from people seeking pictures of their favorite pooches. So here’s to English bulldogs. And manorexia doesn’t hurt, either (figuratively speaking).

(Fear not — the picture above is a photoshopped image submitted to Worth 1000 for it’s “Fasting Time 2” contest.  Worth 1000, by the way, is the coolest site I’ve been to in a while.)

3 Responses to “No Longer A Guest”

  1. 1 Your Bro

    Greaaat,…another human grabbing fame from of the exploitation of animals Just wait till you have to pay the animals for their intellectual property. There’s a patent/copyright/trademark infringement suit from Hell there someplace.

  2. 2 Queen Samantha

    i knew that was coming.

  3. 3 Brett

    It’s September 13th… If you’re blogging more infrequently than I am, something’s not right.

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