Domesticated Female?



Two months into my job in New York City Big Law sans any witty insights.  Shameful, I know.  I can say, however, that work is not the highlight of my life.  At least not right now.  Cupcakes, however, have become a reason to live.  So has Mr. Zegna, kittens, my family, planning trips to Argentina and Europe, dreaming of my wedding to Mr. Zegna, dreaming of marital bliss with Mr. Zegna, interior decor, my Cuisinart crockpot, and my American Express True Value Card (since I find 3% back on our restaurant tabs absolutely thrilling — you know what that means, right?  Theoretically, you could be getting money back for nothing but DRINKING.  Doesn’t that sound wrong?  So bad, it’s good?).  

This is my reality.  This is the life I’m living.  But when I step back and re-read what I just wrote, I have to wonder:  When did I become such a pussy? (I think it was when I moved to Hoboken.)   First of all, why am I perusing the Wedgwood website and hunting for bathroom accessories when Saks is having a pre-season sale?  Why am I dreaming of marital bliss when I have the opportunity to be the man-eating power woman of my childhood dreams?  And WHY are cupcakes winning out over a self-flagellating diet of steamed whatever and large sugar-free french vanilla lattes?  I’ve gone soft.  Stay tuned for posts about  baking, quilting, and poodle breeding. 

Is this the beginning of the end?

5 Responses to “Domesticated Female?”

  1. 1 Brittany

    Welcome back! I can’t wait to hear about those cupcakes and the baking.

    You should try tea to replace the sugar free vanilla lattes (as in, lets go have tea together).

  2. 2 alexis

    yes… yes it is ~ welcome my dear friend… welcome!

  3. 3 Jazz

    You would be amazed at the (size of the) audience for baking, quilting, and poodle breeding. However, the audience for cartoon-illustrated, humorous bits of self-deprecation is far and away larger and more interactive. They’re both equally time-consuming, but baking makes your house smell good and your loved one supremely happy when they bite into baked item 😉

  4. 4 Gere

    Its called being a woman (or a man) honey, all the angst and temper dissappears once we reach adulthood, now is time for our (ahem) procreation skills to be used….FULL TIME! If you feel your working too much then think about folks who don’t have a job, no i know it doesnt always work but really…think about it! You’re blessed. Oh and i really hope you’ve changed your mind about the latest Twilight post, no your life isn’t meaningless and procreation is not the only meaningful effort from us humans, we are more, but to realize that i guess you’re gonna have to find a higher power, or subscribe to Nitzche and tell your kids that they are just as meaningless and that they should get babies too asap if they need some strange idea of meaning….
    Wierd choice of words but i stand by it 😛
    Anyway have a happy married life, P.S i’m from Dubai….How’d you like it? Where’d you go?

  5. 5 Bro

    The trick is to find what actually makes you happy, and that can differ greatly from what you *think* will make you happy. And I use happy in the broad sense, not just the giddy sense. The courage to face the unknown and the motivation to change will be needed. That and listening to your infinitely wise brother. 🙂

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