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It is never far into my workday before I think, “What the hell am I doing here??”  Maybe it’s when I witness some lawyers go on about how interesting a transaction is — and it is the same transaction that I view as a mind-numbingly boring, endless source of pain. Or maybe it’s when, after […]

[Photo via Start, Grow, Prosper] Last night, I represented my alma mater at a regional college fair.  I felt sorry for the kids and parents I spoke with, for a couple of reasons: 

[Image via Esquire] A number of the comments to my last post were dangerously inspiring.  I wanted to live up to your expectations, take drastic action to be true to my own words, provide you with the most exciting follow-up post that I could conjure.  In short, I wanted to quit my job.  Straight up, […]

It was on my honeymoon that I realized a career change was in order.  My catalyst: the Twilight saga.   I wish I were joking — this is how it happened:

Nearly two years after my last post, and exactly two years since I began my legal career, I have come back to the drawing board.  No, I was not laid off.  In fact, I am sitting in my Biglaw office now, secretly hoping to be laid off.  Admittedly, I am too much of a pussy to do anything […]