A New Era: From Lawyer to ?


Nearly two years after my last post, and exactly two years since I began my legal career, I have come back to the drawing board.  No, I was not laid off.  In fact, I am sitting in my Biglaw office now, secretly hoping to be laid off.  Admittedly, I am too much of a pussy to do anything that would result in my being laid off (I happen to be writing now only because I have no work to do) and I do not have the courage to quit.  As a result, the forecast in my little Manhattan office is Futility with a Chance of Wasting-another-two-years-of-my-life-pursuing-my-parents’-dreams.

All that being said, I am not the kind of person to endure misery for long.   In fact, I have rededicated this blog — formerly “Queen Samantha’s Weblog” (feel free to peruse my older posts, written in a previous, happier life) — to document and celebrate my journey out of existential crisis.  This is what you can expect:  for context, the next few posts will recount my fall into the depths of existential despair and my current work/life imbalance.  After that, it will all be about navigating the waters and finding a way back to shore.  I also intend, at some point, to post weekly profiles of successful career transitioners (suggestions welcome — remember, free press is never a bad thing, even if only on my dinky blog).

I hope that this blog will give comfort to others who either daydream about or are in the process of undergoing a career transition.  If all turns out fabulous, or even just well, perhaps this blog will be a source of guidance to those (especially lawyers) looking to make a change.  To my readers: your advice and input, when constructive, is always appreciated.  Together, perhaps we can make this a compendium of career change-related wisdom.


11 Responses to “A New Era: From Lawyer to ?”

  1. 1 MK

    Happy to see you’re back.

  2. 2 Amy

    A suggestion on successful career transitions: http://www.jasmine-star.com/ She went from UCLA Law student (on a full ride scholarship) to one of the most successful wedding photographers in North America. Mostly due to her blog.

  3. 3 annagruszka

    so far away (Poland) and in a different point of my life (my children already studying) I feel the same

  4. Just found you through the freshly pressed – congratulations on your new-found fame – are the stats dropping your jaw?

    I’m a lawyer too, trying to find a way out. I’m moved from private to public, and have an amazing work/life balance at work, with supportive and insightful female bosses. It’s a dream job. Except that the work itself has lost all appeal. I’ve been writing a simpler living, mindful blog and it’s only making it more clear that I want a change, something that feels a little more real and kinder than what I do.

    I could have posted on your last entyr, but it’s not cupcakes for me – I want to make my own food, and grow and preserve it one day if I could only figure out how without poisoning my family. I’ve starting knitting. I want to raise goats. And maybe be a midwife. Really.

    Good luck, fellow lawyer. I’ll subscribe because I’d love to hear how the passage unfolds for you.

    • 5 Samantha Alexander

      Thanks and good luck to you, too! I always enjoy hearing the stories of lawyers who are trying to get out or who have already broken free. It makes me feel hopeful.

      Anyway, I really liked your post re how you were a better mom before you had kids. Something to look forward to … 🙂

  5. 6 Retrospect

    I must admit I find your post rather daunting, albeit well written. Currently about to study law at university I wonder if I’m making the right choice. Now I see not one but two lawyers, yourself and thekingsandi, wanting to leave the profession. What exactly it is that makes you both want to change job so much, if you don’t mind my asking?
    Good luck to both of you in the future however, regardless of what you decide to do 🙂

    • 7 Samantha Alexander


      I have a blog post ready to go about this very topic. It’ll be up by Friday.
      I wish you the best of luck in your pursuit of the law. Legal may not be the best place for everyone, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the best place for you.

  6. 8 theblogosopher

    I came into college, readying myself for law school. As the years went by, I became more and more ambivalent towards the profession, wanting to avoid the state you’re describing. Reading this blog makes me glad I’m taking some time to consider law school – I graduated in May and am going to S. Korea to teach ESL. I wanted to let you know that I am thankful that you posted this and would gladly take any insight you have on your decision to go to law school, because I am still thinking about it.

  7. 9 a1icey

    An acquaintance in Manhattan got sick of doing airplane insurance arbitration work and quit and now her clients are artists and visionaries and she can sleep in if she wants to and she’s only answerable to her best friend and her clients.

  8. Student holiday work, every holiday. £10 per hour. Fully flexible working hours. Sound good to you? Call Angela and Paul on 01796458172 to become a Kleeneze distributor (as seen on TV)

  9. 11 Cara

    For successful career changers, have you read any of the minimalist/lifestyle design bloggers? Everett Bogue at Far Beyond the Stars is one I find very inspiring, and he often encourages his readers to interview him. (Warning: he can be pretty arrogant.) Another really good one is Leo Babauta of Zen Habits. He is always a pleasure to read. These guys are both supporting themselves with their web endeavors. Talk about inspirational!

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