Why Twilight Makes Me Want to Quit My Job


It was on my honeymoon that I realized a career change was in order.  My catalyst: the Twilight saga.   I wish I were joking — this is how it happened:

It began on our flight to Dubai, the first stop on our honeymoon itinerary.  The flight from JFK to Dubai is long — I had 10+ hours of flight time ahead of me, after dinner.  Luckily, Emirates has dozens of in-flight movies, available at your seat, on command.  After a long year of late work nights and wedding planning, I needed something that would be easy to follow with minimal effort.  Not to mention, my pop-culture IQ was (and, frankly, still is) offensively low.  The documentary on Anna Wintour was tempting, but required too much concentration.   Twilight, and then New Moon, were just the answer.  And that’s when my journey really began.

Fast forward three days to the Dubai airport, waiting to board the next flight on our honeymoon itinerary.  I had just finished reading Water for Elephants, which I had chosen for the trip after it had sat on my bookshelf for four years, untouched and accumulating an embarassing amount of dust.  I wanted another book and after the cliffhanger at the end of New Moon (don’t pretend that you don’t know what I’m talking about), my cells were craving Twilight.  I scored the first volume at an airport bookstore.  I was hooked.  So intense was my need for each subsequent volume that I picked one up in every African country that we visited, in one case requesting my new husband (Mr. Zegna) and our guide indulge me in a long detour to find a bookstore near Mt. Kilimanjaro, nearly causing us to miss our next flight.  I thought that only tweens and small-minded people were susceptible to this madness.  How, I wondered, did this happen to me?  And why did I all of a sudden feel that I had to quit my job IMMEDIATELY?

First, the books made me aware of how little time we have in which to make our short lives sweet.  The juxtaposition of vampire life and human life is stark.  Human life is short and, despite our best intentions, probably meaningless in the grand scheme of things.   So, to the extent that we have the capacity for a truly Meaningful life, we will probably die long before we have a chance to realize on it.  Previously, I had viewed my fungibility as limited to Biglaw.  All of a sudden, “SURPRISE SAMANTHA!”, said the Universe, “I agree with your vapid bosses — you are intrinsically irrelevant.”  

Sadly, the most meaningful thing that most humans will do is procreate which, incidentally, is the most meaningful thing that animals — like the Magellanic penguin, for example — will do.  Unlike the Magellanic penguin, however, humans aren’t endangered.  In fact, we are parasites and it would probably be more meaningful if we didn’t procreate.  So what is the point?

Now, compare the human condition just described to Twilight’s vampires, who not only are immortal, but also do not need sleep.  How many languages did Edward speak?  Six?  Not that this made his life meaningful, but he at least had an opportunity to really understand the world.  Edward at least could fully appreciate why his life was pointless.  More significantly, perhaps, he had an endless amount of time to suck what he could out of life (no pun intended).  My existential angst would evaporate in the face of all of that precious time.  By contrast, I had been floating through my life on autopilot, generally unhappy, understanding nothing of the human condition, in a job that sucked my soul dry, waiting for the next benchmark: financial security (check), married (check), kids, kids to college, retirement, death.  My meaningless life was living me.  I wondered what could make my irrelevant life feel more meaningful.

That brings me to the second point behind my Twilight awakening.  Bella’s ending — immortality, including the ability to survive without sleep, surrounded by everyone she has ever loved (except for her Mom, sadly), more than a few of whom were positioned to live into eternity right beside her– would be my ending if I could choose it.  But I can’t, first because I am a human and second because I am a Biglaw associate.  Biglaw associates are generally captive to their firms.  So long as I am not billing 8 hours per day, any time I take for myself, my family, my friends, etc. is stolen time. 

Perhaps it goes without saying, but having to return to work after this revelation (and after a fabulous 3-week honeymoon) felt more like being hauled into jail than it ususally does after a vacation.  Unlike jail, however, my one phone call was to a shrink, who had been recommended to me months before and whose name I had kept handy in an uncharacteristic bout of foresight. 

The Twilight books (and perhaps also the act of getting married, which in itself marks the passage of time) woke me up to to my reality.  Living on autopilot — mostly numb, sometimes miserable, and occasionally happy — is no longer an option.  I am very conscious of every wasted moment.  It is time to make a change.


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  1. Really??????????????????????

    • 2 hussein mohamed osman

      hey Angst,
      given how short life is, and how your happiness and life of adventure came nearly last on the list, i was not shocked to see your admiration to the twilight series. i do agree that twilight represents every thing anyone can hope for which time and pleasure, but what the author left out from this lovely book is the ugliness of living, and the boredom you get from overdoing the fun experience. life may need more than 80 years, but not immortality. as one runs out of time, he also runs out of appeal.

  2. 3 CW

    You just realized this now?

    • Well said

      • 5 lady1603

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    • That was the most depressing YouTube video I think I’ve ever seen.

  3. 7 Jana

    that’s exactly how i felt when i read the books. it is a lot more than just a simple teenage-vampire-love-story. thanks for this post !!!!!!!!

    • So true. I love these books, not just because of the vampires and the love story (which is worth reading in itself) but it does make you stop and think about your own life.

  4. Procreation is a beautiful thing, and I hardly find that a sad purpose. You’re here, aren’t you?
    Hopefully your new awakening works out for you! 🙂

  5. Time marches on, but the drum really pounds harder during big transitions in life. Nice piece.

  6. OMG. This post is awesome! First of all, I am a 23 year old who also recently became obsessed with Twilight (how embarrassing). And second of all, I too, hate my job and wonder what is the point of making myself miserable when there is so much I could be enjoying in life? Anyway, there is so much I love about this post. Very well written and well thought.

  7. 12 whatever

    i absolutely adore this post. 🙂

  8. 13 Shreya

    I feel the same way about twilight 🙂 Here is what I think

  9. 14 Janelle

    It’s interesting that you thank twilight for this revelation. I read, nay, I devoured the 4 books after a friend put the first one in front of me. Yet the only revelation I got out of it is “Man, it’d be cool to be a vampire!” your take on the books is sooo much better.
    As an aside, the movies are embarrassing and I can’t stomach the poor acting and teen drama-like scenes so avoid them if you can.

    Now, although I don’t support quitting your job (pays the bills!), I do support finding your passion. You’re a lawyer! I thought you would love your job. I thought it was common knowledge that if you do something you love then it won’t feel like a job anymore. What’s your passion? Figure it out and do that instead.
    I’m sure that’s what Edward Cullen would do. 😉

    Good luck!

  10. Great post. But Now I am curious about what your plans are to get off auto-pilot.

  11. 16 Brooke

    I haven’t read the books. Or seen the movies. I boycott it. But after reading “Edward at least could fully appreciate why his life was pointless.”, well, it might be sooner rather than later. Excellent post!

  12. I really like this post. I’m glad that you’ve decided to ‘live more’. It’s funny how something that might seem trivial to others, could have such a huge impact on our lives.

  13. 18 Aliszia

    Ok, my english is very bad, so, this comment will be surely full of mistakes, but… Ok. I found your blog on wordpress main page, and started to read this post, only because of Twilight.
    I bought the Twilight book on the first day of my honeymoon (!) to kill the time at the swimming pool. And my thoughts were THE SAME as yours. I quited my job just before the hoenymoon, so, I had nothing to left, but, U know, I wondered, how be, to change my life, because it

  14. 19 bmj2k

    I can’t take Twilight seriously, but irrespective of how you came to it, you’ve made some meaningful insights into your life. Nice.

  15. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed and your recent marriage and return to the blog world!

  16. 21 reyglo

    awesome read for a Friday morning….sometimes Twilight (or equivalent) is all it takes to propel us to take action. good luck in whatever career change you decide upon.

  17. 22 Aliszia

    it`s so short and meainingless. I red all of the Saga books without breathing and I find it so magic. I thought, only teenages are behaving like that 🙂 I`m dreaming every day of vampires and wondering, if all of Saga readers have the same strong feeling to change their life.

    Kisses from Poland 🙂

  18. I liked (loved) the Twilight series, but for completely different reasons. I will say that I was utterly embarrassed to like it, probably for the same reasons you mention. I liked the description of first love in the books, but now I’ll have to think some more existential thoughts.

  19. *sigh* I’m sort of feeling the same way. I’m so happy to have just been married in the last year, but I feel like I’m spinning my wheels…like life is leading me somewhere that I’m either not prepared to go or just don’t want to go. I get up, go to work, stay for 8 hours, go home and don’t feel like anything pertinent has been accomplished. This is such a meaningless existence sometimes. And with an opportunity knocking on my door, I’m starting to fear it and the unknown that comes with it. Well…thanks for sharing this. I’m glad you got Freshly Pressed. Frankly I’m surprised that the series inspired such an awakening…but then, I’ve never read it…

  20. I am under the impression that Twilight has made a great number of people want to change their jobs—specifically, to become vampire slayers 🙂

    Jokes aside, I have often shared your sentiment about the brevity of life and the greater opportunities that a lifespan of even a few hundred years (assuming a functioning body and mind) would bring. The world is full of things to learn and do—and even gaining a decent grasp of more than a handful is enough to fill a life-time.

  21. 26 Jane

    Thanks for the post. Now I know I am not the only person who felt this way after reading those books!

  22. 27 livvy30

    I was the same as you regarding Twilight! I thought it was for the tween market, but then one night I watched it and luckily I was able to watch the first 2 that night and then go to the cinema the next day to see the third! Then I got my hands on the books!!

  23. 28 siberianlounge

    I hate Twilight, but you have a great point, great post! Maybe we should say ” Why your article about quitting your job because of Twilight makes me want to quit my job”

  24. 29 AleKnaui

    As much as I hate Twilight Saga, you’ve got a great point… I give it a “Like”

  25. 31 cotterpinhouse

    I’m going through something similar in my own career- and though I’m pretty sure it wasn’t caused by Twilight (but won’t rule it out!)- I look forward to seeing how you weather the same storm. 🙂

  26. I totally feel what you’re saying. The entire saga encouraged me to just let go, and live passionately! In my case, it was an illness that made my cubicle feel like prison (or in my words, “a slave plantation.” But whatever it is, honor that feeling! Maybe it’s time for something new!

    Oh, and TEAM EDWARD!!!

  27. Wahoooooo! This revelation is fantastic! Start living consciously.
    I have never watched Twilight – partly because I have an addictive personality and suspect I may get hooked.

    Thanks for blogging. Keep it up!

    • 34 Samantha Alexander

      Yeah, as much as I got out of it, I would never recommend that anyone read it. Well, except for a choice few who I asked to read it so that I would have a support group. I can be so selfish sometimes.

  28. I saw your post title on Freshly Pressed and had to see what it was all about. I can not seem to think of the right way to express my thought/comment. Suffice it to say your post is thought provoking and inspiring. Thanks for sharing this.

  29. Hmmmm. When you have all the answers can you share them with us?

    Believe me I am well aware of my pointlessness in the universe and the realization isn’t any more palatable after you’ve reached a lot of the milestones you mentioned. Time only makes the realization more bitter.

    I work. I rear my children. Occasionally I blog about things that make me happy but none of it really makes a difference in the world and only a little to my family and friends.

    I think the best you can do is try to reach your potential, do things which make life better for others (that’s a biggie) and find what it is that you are passionate about and pursue it.

  30. 37 Naeem

    Let me know when you find a vampie… would love to convert 😉

  31. Interesting insights — I am not sure whether it is wonderful or tragic that it took Twilight for you to arrive at some of those conclusions, but the positive result makes it all worthwhile I would suppose. In my own experience, Twilight is the reason I quit writing fiction.

  32. 39 buddhiciously

    I’ve never read the Twilight Books, but I like what you got out of it. Good luck with making a change!

  33. 40 pduan

    Corporate law, banking, all these jobs suck you dry.

    I’ve found that you the only way to stay sane are taking those temporary escapes. Otherwise the inevitable crash and burn will come much sooner.

  34. 41 Agatha82

    Not a fan of Twilight at all, but glad seeing it had a positive effect and made you see life in a different way. Congrats for being on Freshly Pressed.

  35. 42 Che

    oh wow. i feel pity for this woman. she very clearly hasn’t got a single thing in her life that makes her feel that she’s doing something ‘meaningful’. no hobbies, and not even her MARRIAGE makes her feel she has a life worth living. sadnes…s. i don’t know what’s worse – the fact that her life is the way she describes it, that she needs the TWIGLIGHT books to realize her life is empty (not that there is much substance in the books, anyway) or the fact that she decides to see a SHRINK about it (complete waste of money. just sit down and think about what you enjoy doing, and make time for it every week!). but i guess it’s better that she realizes now, no matter with whose/what help, the way her life is, before it’s too late…

    • This post is the truth. Life doesn’t need a meaning, that’s just going to get you depressed.
      Just do what you find fun, and do things that lead to you being able to do those things =)

      • 44 Samantha Alexander

        If only I, or my life, were so simple.

  36. 45 luzyletras

    Well Sam, congratulations on your marriage!… It’s amazing how this books received thousand of comments, and im suprised about yours. Most of people think it’s just a silly saga and maybe it is. But here, you have said all the things that i love about the twilight saga, the reality of our time here in life. I loved you post! Good luck in life!!! 😉

  37. 46 Jenifer

    I can’t say the Twilight Saga had the same effect on me, however, had a very similar awakening — and your last paragraph completely resonated (despite the fact our lives couldn’t be more different). Best wishes on finding a life that you live instead of it “living you”. Change is hard, but it is DEFINITELY worth the effort!

    • 48 Samantha Alexander

      For those reading: the linked post contains a very astute vampire-fairy comparison worth reading.

  38. I get you. Been through this series with my 13 year-old daughter. It has opened up very deep and meaningful conversations on the topic of immortality. Which, depending on your faith, is a reality… We’ve come to the conclusion that we will have our Bella conversion, at the point of death. What awaits us on the other side, is an eternity of mind-blowing awesomeness as well as grasping just how precious mortality really was.

    But, I digress. Thanks for sharing, mam. And congratulations!

    • 50 Samantha Alexander

      I like your conclusion. I take comfort in thinking that maybe I’ll be reincarnated and will then have an opportunity to learn afresh. But that ending can be as scary and daunting as it is comforting … so I think you win. From now on, I’m going to go with mind-blowing awesomeness.

  39. I totally agree with you and see where you are coming from! I LOVE the books and the movies! I was also surprised and a little late to the whole Twilight madness. I only read it because my aunt gave me the first two books then I was hooked!


  40. So funny. I, too, was bitten by the Twilight bug, and had I been in Africa, I, too, would have risked missing a flight to make detours to a bookstore. And they are so badly written! Crazy. Congratulations on being freshly pressed.

  41. 53 Kristin

    Just had to write and say that there *is* life after Biglaw, and I’m living proof of it! I quit my job at one of the Boston Big 3 in 2001 and have been far, far happier for it. Like you said – they own you, it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done (walking away from that kind of $$!) but, definitely an excellent decision. A bit poorer now, but a LOT happier (and more well-traveled, well-read, I ski more, bike more, surf more…). I do pick up some contract work now and then (I’m a litigator) and find myself enjoying it a lot more than when I did it full-time.

  42. 54 Alex

    But this sounds so sad, Twilight made you look at your life differently? Ok. Its cool that books can do that for people, no matter what anyone says its personal to you. I have read the books but I’m not a fan as much – but those are my reasons and im not here to slate yours. Its nice when people do ‘wake up’ and decide that they deserve more in life good luck to you girl! x

  43. Go for it! I am anxious to hear what you decide to do. Sally

  44. 56 TheLoveLibrarian

    Wow. I’m amazed that the Twilight series had that much of an effect. Normally, it just makes teenage girls (and grown women, come to think of it) suddenly fantasize about pastey vampires or Native American werewolves. You definitely looked deeper into the books than the average reader–and I admire that. Your thoughts definitely have me thinking about ways in which vampire immortality can shed light on our short human lives.

  45. I am not sure how to react to your post.Though I can see that kind of thing happening to a child reading these novels, I do not get how an adult would have the same reaction. I loved the books though I am not much of a fiction reader and even found myself craving more however I was still able to go on the next day to work and life itself. Maybe I am misunderstanding your post but again I just dont get how anyone can fall into a world of vampires. Its a world of escape, but only for a mooment.

  46. Goodness… I see that Twilight does have a purpose! Intriguing.

  47. 59 Cara

    Life is short for sure! I had a similar awakening last year, only mine involved almost getting run over by a car, rather than _Twilight_ and marriage.

    What are you going to do next? Do you know yet? What could you do that would be worthy of your limited time? I’m on the quest for a satisfying life, too, so I’ll be interested to see where this takes you.

  48. Amen so many times over. Whatever the catalyst… the realization of being on autopilot and waiting to check things off the list hopefully provides us all a good smack in the face and boot to the rear – both providing ample propulsion towards change.

    Mine came differently that yours and I’m off to other lands soon… HOWEVER, I will gleefully divulge that I read the last three Twilight books in airports on the way back home from snowed-in-and-going-nowhere land over Christmas 2008 and was ferocious about them… buying each as page 900-something of the previous volume flipped its saga to a close. Oh, the forlorn adolescent angst of it all coupled by the juxtaposition of finitely and everlasting life (even if the writing is marginal)! I understand your risky detour at Kilimanjaro my friend!

    How fun to be reminded of this all by your post! Thanks so much for your writing!

    ~ Heather

  49. You seem to have much sucess in terms of career,etc. Unfortunatley, along the way, it sounds like you bought into the “auto pilot existence” as you described. Weird how it’s considered “normal” for us to live that way; the idea that to be successful means sacrificing our harmonious balance in life. Rush, rush, rush all day every single day! Those of us who choose to go against the “auto pilot existence” go through intense struggles. However, we value the deep, meaningful moments even if it means sacrificing that oh so powerful, cooporate type job, or countless other jobs that do not appreciate employees or the meaning of hard work. I don’t want to waste my life seeking the approval of a company that, these days, may decide to outsource my job anyway. It’s a breath of fresh air to learn of someone like yourself. You have officially stepped “outside the box.” Enjoy your newfound perspective! Start living and I wish the brightest blessings for you!

  50. 62 shelli the girl

    Sometimes I feel like I”m the only one that feels this way, good to know I’m not. Thanks for the post

  51. Good Post! More and more people are getting into the Twilight saga. It is taking the whole world by storm.

  52. 64 JW

    Does this mean you are changing sposes too? The whole Twilight phenomenon is funny to me. I was dating and living with this girl for almost two years, we were close to closing the deal I suppose and then Twighlight came along and poof, it’s all over from there. I am not sadden by that, it was probably a good thing vs settline with someone, but still, it’s kind of rediculous to me how something like this movie/book can change the minds of most females. Anyways, good luck!

    • 65 sereneb

      I know what you mean it feels so so silly. I hate twilight and I cant see how people go cohoots over something like this.You should not leave something like Twilight to determine your life.

  53. I enjoyed reading this! I recently changed jobs as well. After a grueling 5-year run at a public accounting firm, it was a lot of the same thought process that drove me to make the move. Something had to give and, 3 months into my new job, I can honestly say I’ve never been happier.

  54. I am happy to read about how the Twilight series impacted someone in this way. Whenever I hear someone diss the series, it’s usually just because they haven’t read the books and have only seen the movies, dismissing it as dumb girly book.

    The idea for the two main characters came to the author in a dream, and that in itself is awesome.

    One day we will all die, but that doesn’t have to be scary. Just see it as returning to the space you came from. Before you were born you were dead for the history of the universe.

    There are so many things I would also like to do before I die, but I know that I won’t be able to travel to every awesome place, read every amazing book, meet every lovely person.

    Just enjoy the experience for the moment as much as possible. That is really all we can do. As William Blake said in regard to how he is able to write poetry so well, “Attend the minute particulars.” You can witness the poetry of everyday life through this philosophy.

  55. 68 h1ff

    It might not be so far fetched to hope for immortality. If you live long enough, there’s no telling what scientists might accomplish. Good luck!

  56. 69 Caitlin

    Do it lady! Do it!

  57. 70 Xmna

    Oh, hell. I mean, I absolutely understand the idea. But, Twilight?
    This was your eye-opener?

  58. Oh this was great! Thanks for writing 🙂

  59. 72 Jamie

    in all seriousness, get yourself to that shrink. Twilight might be a valid guilty pleasure (it’s not, I’ve done the research – oh and then there’s THIS – http://creativejamie.com/2010/07/29/defining-twilight-by-brian-leaf-m-a/), but it’s not worth changing your life over. if you hate your job, I hear ya; there’s nothing wrong with moving on. Just don’t credit twilight. Please. I beg you.

  60. Love it! This was not only well thought-out but hilarious too. I know some people are serious Twi-haters but there is merit to them. Otherwise they wouldn’t be such a hit would they?

    My favorite part of this post was how you described Bella’s/your perfect ending 🙂

  61. Though I’m not a big fan of Twilight (not a hater, either), I enjoyed reading your post. For all the guilty pleasure contained in the somewhat average writing of the series, they do contain potential for much deeper meaning.

    Like you said, it is kind of sad how little most of us actually live, as opposed to just breathing. So yes, make a change. Don’t quit a successful job, per se (these days, that’s tantamount to suicide), but do something. Seize the day! 🙂

    Maybe that’s why these books are so popular. They show us reasons to live.

  62. I think if I had an eternity to find meaning, I would probably put it off. I mean jeez. If my procrastination problem is bad NOW imagine how badit would be if I didn’t have even the final *deadline* to meet (yes…pun intended). I think mortality, in my case, is probably a good thing. It’s what motivates me to get stuff done.

  63. As foolish as it may sound to me it seems like you are very deep and intelligent.
    I read the books and did not pick up on that.
    Of course it may be because i’m not at the same steps in life.
    Either way good luck in the future. May every day be meaningful!

  64. I really like your writing and the post raised some interesting points.

    However, I have to disagree. Our lives may be short, but they are only meaningless depending on your point of view. Sure, I might not be able to speak six languages, but I’m happy, make others happy in my life and enjoy the things I do and have. What other meaning is there? It’s all relevant to your perspective.


  65. Interesting, I read the series, at the behest of my girlfriend, and I didn’t come to any such conclusions but you do have good points.

    I don’t think it matters much what wakes us up to life, we just need to get off the autopilot and live.

  66. 79 Amber

    After I read these books, I had a sort of epiphany of my own. I realized I was wasting my life, but I do like how you used auto-pilot. And I must admit, I wanted the perfectly balanced drma/love story that the books were too; but mainly I realized I didn’t have long so I NEED and MUST be happy in order to truly live.

  67. Not the same context but I really did had the same symptoms! Achieve your dreams!

  68. 81 Jansen

    On the other hand, you could be stuck in one of these jobs:
    See? It could always be worse!!!!

  69. 82 tokyo24

    Hi, I have to admit I’ve only watched part of the first twilight film,and was told the 2nd films better..so I’ve never really gotten in to it..what I did get was the sense that you’re starting on a new begining. Something I’m trying to do by getting the right sort of help to get me out of autopilot. I hope in time you find peace and happiness.
    P.s you’re right we’re no different to animals!

  70. 83 Matt

    I like what you posted. I got the first book for my wife from the library. And like you, it turned her into a rabid fan of the series. Me personally, I couldn’t make it to page 10 of the first book. But the one thing that you shed light on for me was the preciousness of life aspect. Just seems kind of crappy that you had such a heavy realization during your honey moon


  71. 84 sammy wiseguy

    You have no idea how much I relate to this post right now! Loved reading every bit of it right now. I mean… the things as they currently are… is not how I pictured it at all. Work being 2/3rds of our daily lives after college, it shouldn’t be a toll on our physical, mental or for that matter sense of optimism.

  72. 85 Colin L Beadon

    Life it not pointless if you have something really interesting to drive you. The real problem today is that few people find such an interest, so their lives are flat, self-centered, and myopic.
    For God’s sake. Look up at the Universe on a clear night out in the countryside away from man made glare. Borrow a 10 by 40 binoculars. If you can’t still find ineffable wonder, look for a double barreled horse pistol, to help you along.

  73. Well done. 🙂 I’m a little embarassed that I took more of a teenager’s approach to the Twilight saga… as “Oh my god! I want a sparkly blood-sucking, shiny-volvo driving boyfriend!!!” Still, you make incredibly valid and grown-up points. Perhaps it’s time for me to see my shrink. (Congrats, by the way, on being FP’d!!!)

  74. 87 1ladyluck

    It doesn’t matter what road one takes to get to the conclusion, as long as one gets there. The last three lines of your post resonate with me and truth be told, when first glancing at the title, I didn’t think that would happen.

    Here’s to no more wasted moments, shutting off the auto-pilot switch and coming off the road of stupor that we’ve been sold as “maturity”, “stability” and other such nonsense.

  75. 88 itsadriennebiotch

    I think this is the most intelligent thing I’ve ever heard written about Twilight. Your insight is wonderful and it is so nice to hear something about it from someone who has a life in the real world and no raging hormone issues. I would say I’d re-evaluate my post about vampire fads, but I need more evidence of mature adult readers before I go that far. lol Thanks for the new point of view.

  76. 89 Brittany

    It was King Solomon, the wisest man to ever live, who first pointed out the “vanity” i.e. meaninglessness of life. At the end of Ecclesiastes, he helpfully tells us what the heck we are all here for. Now there’s a good read.

  77. 90 liac333

    Wow, I think you’ve just had one of the most meaningful epiphanies ever brought out by the Twilight series. Congratulations, and good luck with your new life.

  78. 91 Rebekah

    I totally relate to the getting unexpectedly sucked into the Twilight madness thing. I picked the first movie up from Blockbuster on a whim, curious what all the hype was about but not really thinking it would have any effect on me, and consequently bought the books. Crazy! Cool though that you got something meaningful out of the whole experience.

    I had a similar revelation after watching “A Good Year”…not even the most amazing of movies but it got me thinking about my life. Maybe it just brought to the surface and articulated things that were already hanging out underneath. I don’t want to spend the better part of my life putting off the things that I’m passionate about, waiting for free time to pursue them. Not exactly what the movie was saying, but that’s what I got out of it. I’m still working out the details of what that looks like, but I think I’ve made some progress.

    I hope you find the relevance and meaning that you’re looking for! 🙂

  79. 92 browndave0

    i dont think i’ve ever read anyone’s post on wordpress all the way to the end…..but it had twilight and quiting a job in the same sentence and i couldn’t past it up. And the line “I thought that only tweens and small-minded people were susceptible to this madness.” priceless loved it….

  80. 93 Jaime

    Humans are parasites? If so, can you name another organism which is not a parasite? Every living organism needs something other than its self to live. And yes, life is short.;-)

  81. Twilight is amazinggg and I love this post! After I read the first book I was absolutely hooked and couldn’t stop until the last page of the 4th book was turned. Needless to say I cried through most of the 3rd and 4th books…love em!

  82. 95 Yarni

    It was not caused by Twilight, but I too have had a similar experience to you, which is why I quit my job and subsequently plan to travel for the rest of my life. Good on you!!

  83. 96 enreal

    I understand every word of it… great thoughts!

    Congrats in the marriage!

  84. Writing this, I feel like I’m trying to compliment my archenemy: Twilight. But I’m glad to find out through this post that it has done something good for someone. 😛

  85. 98 Joaquin

    Obviously you are the primary target of the Twilight product, and just as any brand of yoghurt that has being developed for mass consumption, it has the “right” ingredients, including e-numbers, glutamates, etc. that makes it so tasty for people who, like you, crave such flavours. So chemicals have side-effects; the reason why you are finding difficulties to get on with your life. Why don’t you watch a healthy film production to counterbalance those side-effects.

  86. Congratulations, well done to look life right in the face…..brave and couragous. Looks like you have taken the first step into what is most likely going to be a very personally satisfying life.

    Bestwishes M

  87. I forgot to mention, when I was a child I used to read some comics and I clearly remember being a bit sad for not having x-ray vision, or a batimovil.

  88. Interesting that you had Twilight as a catylist for a life-changing epiphany. I am going to guess that you are around 30. That seems to be the point at which all smart females go through a wake up – emerging from a chrysalis so to speak. I am going through it for a second time at the age of 43. You know why? I didn’t do anything about it the first time I felt that way. Lesson learned. I hope you change your world!

  89. 102 rohini

    Much as I enjoyed the Twilight saga, I must say you would have had a pithier, and far more unsettling message of the meaninglessness of life if you’d read Kafka’s metamorphosis.

  90. This is an awesome post! I have been a “Twilight” skeptic for a while now. I tried out the first book and movie and couldn’t get past the cheesy romance. This summer, I tried “New Moon” out and now I’m going through “Eclipse.” I’M IN LOVE. These books offer a lot of things. I feel like what I used to DISLIKE about them is what I like now: every emotion is amplified. But it’s okay, because it makes it all easy to absorb and “get into the world.”

    I know what you’re saying about realizing the length of life through the books. Life is pretty short. I don’t want to take it for granted anymore.

    Congratulations on your marriage, by the way!

  91. Movies like Twilight do give one food for thought. To be eternally young with no illness and to live countless generations what wonders we could see. Our lives are short and there is never enough time to do all the things one could wish for.
    The daily struggle one endures just to survive and the battle of illness can be to most hard to endure. I think to myself would i if given the chance to live as a vampire would i take it. The answer would be a definate YES. Compared to a life of constant pain and struggle and dreams unfulfilled.
    We look at the world around us and see the violence, wars and destruction of our enviroment by big corporations who care not what they do to our planet, our home. What would be your answer – a Yes or No

  92. 105 annket

    Oh I live picture.

  93. 106 Evie

    You’re right to seek a change. Change…it is the thing that makes life LIFE and not an extended state of dying slowly. The human experience is not meaningless, however, for we have love. Love is the one thing that resonates through all of time, leaving it’s mark on the very fabric of existence. Where there is love, there is life, joy, hope, growth… Do all that you do out of love, and nothing lacks meaning.

  94. 107 Kryziz

    “First, the books made me aware of how little time we have in which to make our short lives sweet. The juxtaposition of vampire life and human life is stark. Human life is short and, despite our best intentions, probably meaningless in the grand scheme of thing”

    Yes, yes, yes but ¿WHY TWILIGHT among all the real amazing vampire books? Ok, they are easy to read but so BAD. Try Anne Rice, at least they analize all the stuff you mentioned.

  95. 108 Robert Moscaliuc

    I read the Twilight Saga with probably the same amount of hunger and frankly, I must admit that the conditions in which I started reading Bella’s life story were very close to yours. I don’t mean that I got married and everything, but I had just finished college and was contemplating a master’s degree in American studies in a foreign country. So, I was practically at the end of something and the beginning of something else. Deep down I think I read those books because I was afraid of what was ahead of me, and I couldn’t stop reading them. Yes, they’re commercial literature but they are definitely food for soul, and food for thought. There is something of that ‘Wuthering Heights’ cosmic love to the Twilight Saga. The comparison may be far-fetched but it is feasible. Great post.

  96. Twilight has changed the lives of all my close friends down a swirling toilet bowl of vampire misery

  97. Wow thats actually great….I m plannin to quit my job as well…kidding:)

  98. Existential angst is something that I have tried to apprehend many years ago, and rightly so it comes at a time when one realizes the full complexity, the ambiguity, the absurdity and the veiled surrealism of life on this planet neatly coated in physical and organizational human forms and structures, but one that puts so much pressure on our psychic bodies. Perhaps ‘Twilight’ offers a way out of the absurd situation so that we can appreciate the quality of time and life on this planet that we have been searching for and found in travel and marriage, for instance. or in the realization that life is too short to handle by a human body in a human mind that could expand to timelessness, in a human spirit that could live forever despite the internal conflicts and contradictions that we encounter as a result of our engaging with the external world of men whose rules and packaged culture have limited our options to live fully.

  99. 112 Damaris Cardenas

    First of all congrats on your marriage. Hope all is very much great and my best wishes.

    Post—–> I know what you mean. I was sucked in to Twilight since the first movie. Then I couldn’t wait for the next movie so I started reading the books. I was so anxious to know what was next that i wouldn’t take too many breaks from the reading. I pulled a reading marathon which even surprised me. I haven’t been much of a fiction reader since high school.

    You are very much right about the autopilot thing. While vampires can come and go as they please, live as they please, can take their time on their goals since their time is endless, never been tired, exhausted, have no boundaries… we, on the other hand, are stuck with trying to manage our time because we have a time limit to everything. It would be great to have superpowers though, and be able to multi-task. Time is a precious gift that we do often neglect. If only they had these books in schools to teach us about living our life to the fullest… sigh.

    Twilight Saga Books——>Midnight sun, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner (if read in this order you’d get the best perspective).

    I never get tired of re-watching or re-reading the saga.
    Stephenie Meyer’s imagination and creativity in creating this amazing perspective to a completely different world is… I can’t describe it… just amazing!

    Hope you enjoy the whole Twilight journey.

  100. hat brings me to the second point behind my Twilight awakening

  101. 114 marathonmum

    I want to know what happens next! It’s all very well making the decision – but what will you do with this new-found knowledge?

  102. 115 Jody

    I can so relate. Though my coming to the realization of needed change was about 4 or 5 years ago I am only now, finding one path that feels right for me.

    Good luck to you with your search and your journey. It is one well worth exploring!


  103. 116 Venus

    What inspired you to write so long???

  104. Hmm, interesting read. I find the twilight saga incredibly vapid, that’s all I can say. Dubai is one of my favourite holiday destinations despite it’s overtly materialistic society. There’s just something about the Dubai vibe that thrills me. Well done on your post.


  105. Good title. I haven’t read/seen the Twilight stuff but now that I’ve read your post I might initiate some conversations on it with people who have…your comparison of human and vampire lives immediately made me think of Simone de Beauvoir’s book “All Men Are Mortal”, which I think argues for a very different interpretation of mortality than what you put here: for de Beauvoir, being immortal means that everything that a mortal takes to be significant becomes meaningless, because what I could do today I could as easily do tomorrow or in a hundred years. So immortality is a curse because it prevents every day from being precious; only a sense of mortality can make each day precious. I guess that’s the point of the Twilight books, de Beauvoir’s book, and all those films in which the protagonist thinks they’re going to die in two weeks, resolves to live life to the fullest during those two weeks, and then (of course) finds out at the end of two weeks that they are not going to die…all these things remind you of your mortality, which is the only way you can start to value each day as the precious thing it is.

    Anyway thanks for the post, I’m now going to stop wasting my day and do with it what I think is a good use of the limited time I have.

  106. A new husband and a craving for Twilight. Hmmm….

  107. 120 Elizabeth

    I love this post! I totally know how you feel.. in fact I heard all the hype surrounding Twilight and I tried to ignore it as long as possible categorizing it as a teeny bopper kind of book. I trade books with a close friend of mine and she convinced me I should read them… so during the long winter last year I read the series and was hooked. Nothing seemed to be real anymore other than twilight, could it be the author knew this going in? Anyway, on the search for more meaning to life, I started looking for other books that would somehow make me feel the same way and answer some of my questions that arose when I read Twilight. Not that it’s as entertaining, but certainly worth the read and definitely well worth the time… ” The Power of Now” this book will transform your life and your way of thinking!
    Let me know what you think!

  108. Yeah…human life is short, but if you have the right purpose, you’ll be wasting no time, especially in your future.

  109. Ah, Twilight… Who hasn’t read the books and felt what you are feeling? They certainly made me appreciate the little things and crave a life again. I had fallen into was the second person to post here showed on a video, thankfully I woke up and am back to the me that wants to do things with my life that are more meaningful again. Unfortunately we don’t all have Cullen type finances to just up and do things to make the world better, so we take one step at a time, day by day working towards our goals, even if it means working a job that we don’t love anymore because we know, we have no choice at the time. I think if you are at least working towards your goals, staying in the usual situation starts to feel okay for now, knowing you will move on to something better makes each day there more tolerable. I tend to put on my headphones and escape to a fantasy between phone calls, emails, and projects.

  110. I have never read that twilight books, the movies didn’t inspire me that much 🙂

  111. 124 Draphael

    Please consider the following: Did you become a lawyer because you were interested in LAW, or because you were interested in Biglaw? Biglaw exists because of LAW, not vice versa… take Biglaw away and LAW still exists… can you not pursue LAW in some other way? Did you decide to marry someone because you love them, or do you love them because you decided to marry them? Is LIFE the opposite of DEATH, or is BIRTH the opposite of DEATH?… The words we use or abuse have a tremendous impact on our thinking. The Great Teachings all tell us that LIFE has no opposite, that LIFE is a never-ending process…. Birth and Death are TRANSITIONS during the process of LIFE. Vampire or not, immortality does not alter the quantity or quality of the time we have in our bodies.. our understanding of it, however, does. If you spend as much time studying the available resources relating to life and its meaning as you have on law, you will be in a much better position to determine what our options as human beings are. Making up or adopting the catch-phrase philosophies that our culture has spawned as truths will not satisfy an inquiring mind. Terms such as “meaning”, “happiness”, and “love” are used without qualification because we all ASSUME that we understand these word-concepts… which is why they have become virtually useless to a seeker of truth. “Seek and ye shall find”… but it doesn’t say WHAT we will find… are you really a Seeker? Is it reasonable to assume or even hope that you will Find answers if you are not a Seeker? You spent much time and energy learning how to practice law… why would it be any different with learning to practice Life? And why would we assume that we can make up our own rules of importance, any more than we can make up the rules of physics? Belief is a device that is used in place of knowledge… become knowledgeable and replace your belief system with a knowledge system… go for it…now…

  112. Solipsism knows no bounds.

  113. A young Wall Street lawyer being momentarily enchanted by romantic vampires is perfectly natural. You are being presented with a lifestyle option that is seductively packaged, but it’s not a healthy or rewarding choice. Bonne chance.

  114. 127 J.B. Treece

    Well, if you believe that we are inherently no different than penguins, then yes your life is meaningless and so is mine. Think about Pascal’s wager.


    Your post is well written.

  115. ok, i don’t know if you’ll see this there are so many comments befor me… I’m just as hooked… and i’ve noticed that everyone i’ve spoken to about twilight that’s just as hooked explains there experiance the same… it resembles the same symptoms you get when turned into a vampire… isn’t it??? the overwelming need to read more like the need/ the burning thurst for blood… I read the first three books in a week after work i would get home and start reading and at four in the morning would force myself to put the book down to get some sleep, only to sleep for an hour and a half and then get up toe go to work again… Breaking dawn took a little longer, about 12 days only because the book is almost three times the size of twilight and i was busy moving in that time… i enjoyed The short second life of Brie Tanner just as much and i think Stephanie Meyer is a brilliant writer…
    ( I’m actually Afrikaans speaking so please excuse my bad spelling)

  116. 129 Sal

    Congratulations on your recent marriage! And on being freshly pressed (which is hardly on the same level – but hey, it’s fun and also flattering to your writing ability). 🙂

    I was so intrigued by your title that I just had to read your post. I have to admit I read the Twilight series and it made me think, but not quite on the vein that you were following (ha ha, there really was no pun intended there, but I figured I would leave it anyway). 🙂 What really hit me was how Edward considered his immortality a curse. Why would that be? None of us really want to die. I think that we all know that we’re meant to live forever, but not on this pain-filled, war-torn planet. So what’s the answer? What’s the point of living?

    Someone suggested you read the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible, and I think you would probably find it interesting and even possibly helpful at this stage of your life. In fact, it even mentions that He (God) has placed eternity in our hearts (Ecclesiastes 3:11), which goes along with what I was saying about Edward considering his immortality a curse.

    I definitely feel for you as it seems that you’re having a rough time enjoying your life and finding meaning. I imagine that it’s likely that you don’t believe in God, but at this point in your emotional state, what do you have to lose? Wouldn’t it be worth it to check Him out if what the Bible says actually turns out to be true?

    Oh boy, this was a long comment and I’ll probably get a ton of flack for it, but please know that my heart goes out to you and I definitely had the best of intentions in sharing this with you. I hope you find truth and freedom through a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, which is ultimately what we’re all really looking for, right? Truth and freedom, peace and joy. That’s where you’ll find ultimate meaning.

    Humor me for one more second. God made you and He loves you and He wants to rescue you from the things that are coming between you and Him. But He’s a gentleman, so He’s waiting for an invitation from you. He wants to rescue you from the consequences that you reap from the things you do that are against His will for your life. If you let Him, “He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.” That’s in the Bible. Check it out sometime.

    Questions? Scathing comments? You have my e-mail address. Praying for your peace.

  117. I would agree that life is short, however, it is only meaningless when you decide that it is.
    Over a year ago, I went on a kayak wilderness tour that changed my life. I could see that working for an instituion (the State of California) was bleeding my soul dry. Although I liked the work, it was so unfulfilling with the negativity that surrounded me.
    The kayak trip was only one week, but it changed the way I thought about my life. I quit my job, filed for divorce, and moved away from my home of 23 years to seek the life I knew would replenish my spirit. I am quite broke, but happier than I can remember.
    It is never too late to make changes, unless you’re dead.
    So, I say bravo to Stephanie Meyers and her living works of art (yes, ART) in that which we call Twilight.
    The love story of life should carry on.

    • 131 Lauren

      Wow I love your comment! 🙂 It put a smile on my face to know that it’s never too late to make a change and be happy. Thank you.

  118. 132 Kristina

    I think you did a wonderful job of expressing similar thought on the matter of thousands if not millions of people. I began questioning my rationality has an adult, when the Twilight books made me realize several things about myself. This realization in fact led to me breaking up with my boyfriend and unfortunately breaking his poor heart. The power of the written word can be quite astounding at times.

  119. 133 Chandu

    I am sure. I liked this post! 🙂

  120. 134 Bakbakee

    Great post.

    As an ex-fanatic of twilight, I think the post was really awesome, because you gave edward as an example without going with the whole ‘Team Edward’ and ‘team Jacob’ business. Yes, there’s so much to life, but unfortunately, every second of our time is to do wholly with money. I am a law student, and I know everybody in class, is waiting for an internship/placement in a firm that offers big bucks. But after all of it is done and you come home, all you really want to do is go and learn pottery in Pondicherry (India). (Atleast that’s what I want to do)

  121. waw u totally changed my perspective about the movie ! i never thought of it this way,, i always thought it was a little overrated and for teenagers but really after reading this post and the way u viewed the movie and the book from another angel and how u had a deep understanding and an insight .. dazzled me !

  122. Very strong writing, which is always a pleasure to read regardless of the content. Your post may have shed some light on why so many adult females like these books, which I’ve found a little strange. I read the first installment because many of the middle school students (girls, obviously) I teach were reading it. I didn’t read anymore. But I guess it’s not really any different than many adult males (and females) continuing to be obsessed with Star Wars. The story of the human condition resonates in any form, but it’s even better if they have awesome blasters.

    And parasites is a good way to describe humans. We’ve procreated our way to four of them.

    Congrats on being Pressed, and I hope you get happy.

    Chase McFadden


  123. 137 thepalinexpress

    I totally understand what you wrote, and it’s fantastic! By now you must have read “The Second Short Life Of Bree Tanner.” Did you read “Midnight Sun” on Stephenie Meyer’s website? It’s “Twilight” from Edward’s perspective. There are several sites out there that attempt to end this one, and unhappy “Breaking Dawn” readers that change, tweak the battle scene and Reneesmee. I came across Twilight due to never ending advertising. The feeling of intense love, protectiveness, be loved and defended to death drew me in. It’s a level that I don’t think I will ever have. But it’s nice to read that someone like Bella, has it. I was compelled to add that to my site and made it an off-weekend post.

  124. “I am very conscious of every wasted moment. It is time to make a change.”
    Well, just like every other revelation this one is more likely to become a bitter memory some time later.
    My plan is no to have these moments at all. 🙂
    Follow the drive to better things, but plan in small scale. You will not go to africa as a volonteer but you could try to steal more time for your family. You will not travel the world but you can make sure you will enjoy your new life with your husband every day.
    I liked the post although I really think it was the marriage thing rather than the vampire- life style that made a change.

    thanks for the post!

  125. Maybe it’s time for a job change. I’m a teacher and aspiring writer. Both venues offer me an opportunity to make a difference before I die. Maybe that’s exactly why I love my job.

    What career might you choose that would bring you more fulfillment?

  126. 140 hellbell

    Absolutely amazing how you dissected why the mythical series of Twilight is so captivating. I’m a 23 year old in Milwaukee struggling to find my “real” job after having graduated college a year ago. I read these books, get involved with television shows or even lose myself in a movie to remind myself of the imagination and ambition I used to have before planning on settling into a 9-5 job. You are absolutely right. Although the human race could be considered parasites, we still have the ability to change our lives with every breath we take. Yet, so many people settle into what “should” be done. I just recently decided to scramble up my life a bit and move to New York in a couple months and this article made me smile, because it mirrored my decision-making process and the unsatisfying ruts I found myself in before I knew I had to make a plan of unfamiliarity. Thank you for such an honest, intelligent post.

  127. I had the exact same thing happen to me, though my epiphany took place after watching “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”
    Being concious of every wasted moment – that simply nailed it. My feelings exactly. Thanks for sharing and go for it!

  128. 142 superfan307

    What kind of job would make you feel like you’re not on autopilot? I think that it’s great that you’re trying to take control of your life. I graduated college with the kind of degree that requires grad school if you want to make any kind of money doing anything. So. . .I moved 1/2 across the world to teach English in a country that I find fascinating. In between all of the language barriers, and laughable attempts to fit in, I’ve met some really amazing people. I highly recommend it. 🙂 Good luck! (and congratulations on your marriage) 🙂

  129. Glad to see many people are disliking Twilight. The scary thing about this whole ‘fad’ is the popularity of Vampires with the Youth. There are some crazy things going on with youth such as biting and things of that nature.

    Let’s hope this vampire fad dies soon.
    Spoiled Egg’s Blog

  130. I don’t like Twilight, because as it seems to me it’s just a simple way to tell teenies not to have sex before marriage. (hmmm.. for what possibly could “sucking” stand?)
    And the blog just appears a little pathetic…

  131. i quit my job monday… spur of the moment, no new job lined up. i did give the required minimum of a two-week notice (i’m not entirely stupid). alas, it had to be done. my job was making me cry more than it was making my laugh. isn’t that alway when you KNOW it’s time to make a change? … i feel so f’ing ALIVE.

  132. 146 Ann

    When I first read the title, I thought you were going to quit your job to start a writing career. Because hey, if Stephanie can do it, we can do it too right? 😉

  133. 147 k2sb2003

    funny…the movie made me want to jump off of something really big head first…or take a nap.

  134. 148 x1123581321x

    When men get the same revelation later in life, they buy a sports car and marry a younger woman. Give it about 21 days and the auto pilot will set in again. Give it 6 to 12 years and he will buy a sport car… I hope you will support his revelation too. I hope you will find a great job soon and I hope you will not behave like a vampire and clean him up completely when he marries a younger woman.

    Good luck!

  135. I have never read the Twilight saga, or seen any of the movies. This is because from all that I have heard or seen of them, they do not seem like the kinds of entertainment that would appeal to me. Still your revelations are important, no matter what led you to them, and so I commend you, and wish you luck.

  136. 150 Samantha Alexander

    Thanks to everyone who wrote in with kind words, prayers, advice, recommended reading, or to share your own stories. Times of transition can be as difficult as they are invigorating, and I really appreciate the encouraging words and the support that I find in your shared experiences.

    A few clarifying points, which I hope will add context:

    1) I do not intend to leave my job on a whim. As I wrote in my introductory post, I am far too cowardly for that. Nor did not decide to quit on the basis of my Twilight experience. For example, when I open my internet browser and click on “Bookmarks”, about a dozen folders pop up. Five of those folders are entitled as follows: “New Career 1 (Event Planner)”, “New Career 2 (Interior Designer)”, “New Career 3 (Teacher)”, “New Career 4 (Writer/Editor)”and “New Career 5 (Legal)”. Each folder contains a substantial amount of research on the titled career. So, while Twilight awakened in me a feeling of immediacy, the desire for change predates my run-in with the saga. This may also address some of the comments regarding what I might do next (thanks for asking!).

    2) What I decided will give my life meaning is my relationships with my friends and family. That is why Bella’s ending resonated with me so much. That is why I must leave Biglaw. The fact that I don’t like practicing law is another issue altogether …

    3) I did not mean for this post to trivialize my new marriage. My husband is my rock, not to mention my soul mate and the kindest, warmest, most spiritually generous person I have ever met. That said, I resent those comments suggesting that marriage should make my life meaningful or that the (admittedly unfortunate) timing of this catharsis is a commentary on the quality of our union. Is this 1950 or did I just walk onto the set of Mad Men?

    Thanks again for all the comments!

    • 151 x1123581321x

      Dear Mrs. Alexander,

      I am not sure what is the reason for the failure but it seems that you have not received the memo.

      Is this 1950? Yes, dear. It have been the 1950 since time and memorial. It does not make any difference what type of media you are using. How liberated you think you are, or how progressive you think the times are, now that you have married, this is 1950 for YOU! on behalf of the marriage counsel we would like to officially welcome you to the 1950.

      Don’t you listen to mean spirited people out on cyberspace. You will lovely bear foot and pregnant. Now dear, your man has been working all day to bring home the bacon, you have been playing on the web all day, now — it is time to stop the tomfoolery and go put on your Apron – smock on and go make dinner for your man.

      Love your column,


      V.P of bringing married woman to the 1950’s

  137. Really, it is a very sophisticated article that presents Twilight as one of the most fascinating places to work. Without any doubt, Queen Samantha owns an extraordinary writing skills that make me to think: Who is really this young lady. For sure, like she expressed is a human being, however, it causes a question: Are these glamorous new blogs and web pages produced for just a person like Queen Samantha, or are these technically machines of web literary promotion marketing strategies where a staff is involved trying to target the youth market?

    Definitely Queen Samantha and “associates” got the GOAL, and it was calling our attention…in my particular case motivated me to write this comment which is very unusual, even though I have my own blog at davidcesar3.wordpress.com Whatever it is…vampires…robots…liars…you made a good paper! A+ for the literate writing skills…C for content. Have a nice one!

  138. Really, it is a very sophisticated article that presents Twilight as one of the most fascinating places to work. Without any doubt, Queen Samantha owns an extraordinary writing skills that make me to think: Who is really this young lady.
    For sure, like she expressed is a human being, however, it causes a question: Are these glamorous new blogs and web pages produced for just a person like Queen Samantha, or are these technically machines of web literary promotion marketing strategies where a staff is involved trying to target the youth market?

    Definitely Queen Samantha and “associates” got the GOAL, and it was calling our attention…in my particular case motivated me to write this comment which is very unusual, even though I have my own blog at davidcesar3.wordpress.com Whatever it is…vampires…robots…liars…you made a good paper! A+ for the literate writing skills…C for content. Have a nice one!

  139. Poor husband!…couldn’t you have that revelation of life’s significance before the wedding?!…you do know that he married you because of the way you were in that insignificant, meaningless life don’t you? and chances are he like to procreate and is happy to do so… Damn Twilight novels…making it harder for men every day!

  140. One word ‘Wow’!

    I have to admit, I didn’t read the Twilight books at first because I thought they were for teenagers, and going into the ‘teens’ section in book stores, where they seem to be located, always makes me feel like my IQ is going downhill. But I have to admit the books are amazing.

    We may not have a lot of time on earth, but it’s what you do with it that counts.

    It’s quality not quantity.

  141. 156 jyaia


  142. well said

  143. In fact, we are parasites

    Sorry, you lost me at this point.

    I just can’t get along with this concept to equate human life with being Earth lice.

    If you’re so concerned by your ‘parasitic’ effect then make sure you get yourself and your partner sterilised promptly (better yet, starve yourselves to death so that you don’t selfishly use up any more resources).

  144. 159 redbengals

    I hate Twilight

  145. 160 sayitinasong

    Ah… the universe works in mysterious ways… take insiration from where you can… you can do it! Change is always scary but most times… so worth it…

  146. 161 doireallywantajob

    First of all, I love Twilight. But that is beside the point. I, too, am searching for my purpose in this world and somehow feel like it all boils down to what I “do for a living”. Why are we defined by our jobs? Marriage (check) children (check) but what else is there?

  147. This news article TOTALLY speaks to me because I got fired because of Twilight.
    My supervisor (frowning potato headed schlump who looks like Lady Elaine Fairchild from the neighborhood of make believe) found me reading Twilight on my Amazon Kindle three times on one shift and each time she said: “I hate to tell you this, but you can’t read on shift.” And I was like: “If you hate to say it, why is that all I hear out of your gaping authority-hole?” I am on food stamps and I’ve been able to pick up a stocking job at Trader Joe’s so its all good. Except that you can’t buy soda with Food Stamps. What’s up with that Obama?

  148. 163 Deedlit999

    Actually, I completely agree! I remember reading the books & wishing I never had to sleep so that I could get SO much more accomplished, LOL.

  149. 164 Colin L Beadon

    Quicksilver got it right.
    We are like termites, nothing more, nothing less. It is difficult to know who or what to blame for this. Yet this does not mean to say we can’t glorify in what we yet may have.
    Too many people live lives of dull ‘ intercity’ turmoil, when the whole Universe glides by and we are blind, blind, blind, unable to see it, encompassed by our intercity life of cell phones and millions of people, concrete jungles, Ipods, Facebooks, clamor for freedom. Few of us can sit still, on a mountain slope or sea shore, and watch the dawn without speaking, or thinking.
    Too many of us have lost nature, and in its place have found dis-ease and half madness.

  150. 165 Jazz

    Congrats for being Freshly Pressed. Ah, for one final time before you quit BigLaw, you’ve brought your critical analytic skills to bear on all the stuff that’s been pushed to the back burner during the long climb towards career and the altar. Your plane trip triggered the release button and so perhaps you’ve subconsciously been weary of your path for some time. Enter Twilight and the wondrous feeling of new beginnings, high school, loss of innocence or gaining of insight, depending on your perspective, and all the things you wonderfully linked together.

    Point is, this was a very well-written, easily read, hilarious, insightful post. So quit your job and join the 125 million other bloggers, except do it better, have fun, and you don’t need money right away so you have time to build your blog into something truly fun and lucrative. Think of how much easier it would be to write funny posts over briefs! A few of my friends have turned the other cheek and gone from law to making bagels, owning a pineapple plantation in Hawaii, and owning a Live Aboard diving boat in Belize. One is back to being bohemian and getting his second doctorate, but being a lawyer is handy now and then.

    I read the first two Meyer books—they were absolute crap but at first you can’t look away. By the end of Book 2 I couldn’t go on with the writing but I don’t discount it for an overseas flight. You ought to try getting that post published elsewhere (like Southwest’s Spirit Magazine or that point of view column in Newsweek).

    Best wishes on a meaningful life and future!

  151. I read the books before I saw the movies, I couldn’t put them down, read them all in just over a week. Now I am so addicted wandering what Meyers with come up with to continue the Saga, and torture myself over the days till Breaking Dawn hits the big screen!

  152. I definitely agree with you, I read the whole series within two days, when I was off sick from school.
    The movies on the other hand, I’m not a fan..
    But that’s just me personally!
    Your writing is really, really beautiful, by the way!

  153. I thought that your post was very interesting. Definately got me thinking…

  154. this is brilliant, I’m truly inspired! Thank you 🙂 xx

  155. 170 dirksnews

    Nicely written, and well observed. I have similiar thoughts on life, although luckily for me I didn’t have to read Twilight to appreciate the urgency of living. I realised it a little while ago, so far haven’t really done enough about it.

    So I’m interested to see how you go solving this problem. I’ll check back to find out! Even if you don’t present answers, at least I’ll get to read some more interesting thoughts.

  156. 171 edwardkewl

    Luv twilight!

    best book evah!

  157. That was really funny….

    and one more question???
    are you allowed to use that twilight photo … or, you have the permissions…

    i aint no whistle blower . but i am just curious to know

  158. 173 nengnina

    this might change your life…www.ratubagus.com
    it certainly changed mine. you never know.
    all the best.

  159. Loving your post! I know exactly how you felt!

  160. The movie combined multi-meta to put on role-player –their emotion,spirits,relationship.Then I am so intrested in this type of story.Come on.You’ll be there.

  161. 176 wayfaringthoughts

    I love the part comparing humans to parasites. I may not share the love in Twilight, but I couldn’t agree more with the rest of your post. =)

  162. 177 Robyn

    I loved the books – and just like you, read all on holiday (although not honeymoon)! I hope you maintain your conviction for change – it is hard to find the sweet spot in life! But i wish you the best of luck.

  163. 178 HQ

    Good for you!

    Best of luck!

  164. 179 wdbx

    The irony of a bloodsucking lawyer being envious of Twilight is too rich. Hard to believe it took 156 comments before anyone mentioned it!

    • 180 Samantha Alexander

      That sounds like a comment a lawyer would make. Or maybe a finance guy.

  165. So did you quit your job?

  166. Very well said , loved your insight ,though I highly doubt that the twillight author herself thought of that while writing it :))

  167. I also agree that the Twilight saga was more than just a sappy romance novel, but your take is very interesting. It’s great that you had an epiphany about your life! Great post.


  168. 184 faerylandmom

    Well, that’s a new way to see things. 🙂 May you find unshakable peace in your life.

  169. So, I say go ahead and do it, no one is stopping you. If as you say, your life is pointless, and you truly believe that you’re a parasite, then the choice is obvious. Take the step, and give it up. Do you truly believe Edward is happy? As portrayed in the movies, he rarely smiles. Maybe I blinked and missed one or two, I don’t know….

  170. haven’t read Twilight, but do agree with you that life is definitely short and that you should make the most out of it…. Take some time out of your work life and have some “me” time 🙂


  171. 187 Lindea

    The human life actually is really short…

    Thanks for a brilliant post 🙂 I’ve also learned to use my time wisely after reading Twilight.

  172. It amazes me how at different points, people wake up to their life, and see that there is more they can do. Not for society alone, or within it, but for themselves. I’m more than sure that it took sometime for your investigative soul would search, and find a truth you could identify with. At the same time there has been value in where you have come from, what you have accomplished, and the life you have lived. The way (IMO) your next journey will be fruitful for new found awareness. Is if you can reconcile what you believe to be a “boring life”; if I can put it in that term. Who you are, and what you have done are no different than what you will accomplish for yourself. Qualitatively you will hopefully use the same tools that have got you here to this point, but with more awareness to being open to the world you can create for yourself.

    I wish you the best of luck, and I’m glad that reading this saga has motivated you to redefine your world. Whatever you do, keep digging, and keep fighting to live.

  173. I’m not really a fan of the Twilight series, but I felt everything you felt when I first started reading the Harry Potter series. It really changed the way I look at things.

    – Christopher from noitschris.wordpress.com

  174. 190 Summer

    finally grown ups are realizing that twilight is a good read!


  175. I can definately relate to this..
    I’ve read the four books and seen the movies out so far and ofcourse I’m very, very, very impatiently waiting for the next movie to come out.
    After I’d read the books, I too felt like something was pretty damn off in my life. Though I, unlike you, couldn’t exactly pinpoint what it was.
    (please don’t judge.. seriously, I’m not stupid, I had an idea of what was missing in my life. I just couldn’t figure out what it was EXACTLY.)

    After reading this post I have a much better understanding of what it is, so thanks a lot for writing this!
    Ofcourse I hope everything turns out okay for you eventually.
    Meanwhile, try not to lose sight of the good things that ARE in your life.

    Best of luck!

  176. here i am..

  177. You are immortal & I am not referring to your physical body

  178. I’m a sucker for love stories and movies like Twilight=) Great post!

  179. Where were you five years ago? do you like where you’ve gone in the last five years? What are you doing to make sure the next five years don’t dissapear like the last? Where do you think you will be five years from now? I know where I’ll be, and it’s all thanks to Kleeneze.

  180. 196 mikenouveau

    I take it you’ve seen Michael Clayton? The opening monologue is very in-synch with this

  181. 197 Anonymous

    I realized this same thing when I was in fifth grade. I didn’t some messed-up vampire love story to tell me what I’ve known for most of my life. You just need common sense to realize that you have to make the most of your life while you’re here, not some badly written “saga” that’s turned into even worse movies that star some depressed girl. (And yes, I’m talking about Kristen Stewart, or whatever you want to call Miss I’m-Bella-Swan.)

    • 198 Samantha Alexander

      Yeah, us lawyers are known for lacking common sense. It’s ubiquitous among our breed.

      So … why so hostile?

  182. 199 obsidianfactory

    I think “Vampire Chronicles” Exhibits this better than the “Twilight” Series as in the juxtaposition of human life in the light of immortal life.

    I have always hated the series for to me its lacks in execution and good emotive capabilities.

    But the series does have potential which to me Meyer did not tap into.

    Bella gains nothing from becoming immortal. To me she was quite cheated. But These are my own opinions ^_^

    However, as one wise friend said that its good you can interpret a book on various levels so I am glad if it helped you ^_^

    Hope you open up the universe and gain all it offers ^_^

    • yeah it kind of upset me that Bella became immortal, i just thought it was way too easy. I also feel she definetely got cheated because she just could of found another, and could of been with jacob. Edward is not giving her anything he is taking things away from her.

  183. 201 Eddy

    Well Twilight didn’t make me realise how short and meaningless a normal existence is but I’ve got a similar story for you.

    I spent over a decade working in a corporate IT office, going day to day, not really accomplishing anything other than making more money for my employer.

    Two years ago I decided I needed a drastic change, that feeling that something has to change or you might as well be a zombie literally. I quit my job, went travelling for a year living on a budget.

    Now I have an interest in Creative Arts and am self employed. I could never ever again imagine working for someone else or in a normal job.

    Life is too short not to be happy 🙂

  184. Great post. I have to agree with you about the brevity of life, but this has been something I’ve always been lucky enough to understand. As to the vampires though, if you read Ann Rice’s version of vampire novels (which are my faves), the message is the same, but it’s depicted in an almost opposite way.

    For Ms Rice’s vampires, immortality causes a lack of care and concern for the well being of others it takes away the ability for compassion etc because in the eyes of an immortal, the rest of us are just really lambs to the slaughter. Mindless, unaware and blindly wandering toward our end.

    Another great book (but completely vampireless) with a theme similar is Veronika Decides To Die by Paulo Coelho.

  185. You are right. This is one of the very much important thing we never take time to think.
    But, anyway, you still have your eyes, your hands, and your brain. This is all you need to make this change 🙂

  186. 205 WriteOften

    So… Have you quit yet?

    • 206 Samantha Alexander

      It’s in the works. These things take time.

  187. 207 Marie

    It has been a while since I’ve seen “Twilight”. A friend loaned her DVD to me. I was curious. Vampire stories are always interesting to me. Bella said something to the effect that (please forgive me for not remembering word for word) if she died, she supposed that dying for someone she loved wouldn’t be such a horrible thing. It struck me because the parallel for me in all Vampire movies is man’s idea of Eternal Life and God’s plan for Eternal Life are so different.
    For the Pre-Vampire, it’s usually a life of pain, sadness and lonliness. A Vampire comes along; bites the person and voila….eternal life….but the price is the sacrifice of humans (or animals for the Vampire that has a conscience). The other sacrifices for the Vampire are they can never see a sunrise again…..they live in perpetual night and in terror of being found out. Sleeping in a coffin….it’s so strange to me….eternal life in a coffin…..how liberating.
    They make their own rules and answer to no one…..all while killing others so they can live. Again, very liberating. Exciting. Really, I can see why it’s so cool in a movie!
    But then knowing what I know of the Bible and how Jesus came as the Ultimate Sacrifice. If you accept Him; say “yes” to Him….even if one doesn’t agree with everything He says or one just plain doesn’t understand the Bible. Or is even angry with God; He takes them in. As they are. In time, as a person spends time with Him and His people in a Bible teaching church (and yes, lots of hypocrits go there….I’ve met some of them…God will take care of that….I still go because there are more good people there than not). In time, He will make your thinking new; He will change your heart; He will give you Eternal Life and you won’t have to drink an unwilling person’s blood to get it……you won’t have to sleep in a coffin and you can see the sunrise every day…….Your life’s problems won’t go away…..they don’t for the Vampire, either….but you will have the opportunity to get to know a Man. The Man. The One Who said He would never leave you or forsake you. You won’t have to do life alone anymore.
    Those are just my thoughts on the parallels of the Vampire vs. Jesus

  188. I enjoy flight free films, especially if I haven’t watched it in the theater. Well, Twilight saga for me is one of the reasons why I want to be a vampire. LOLz. yeah, really. But it never put a thing in my mind to quit my stressful and yet beloved job. Hahaha!

  189. 210 Kim

    You know you are an eternal being in Christ Jesus….and I bet we don’t need any sleep in Heaven either!!!

  190. of course its time if you feel that something is sending you a call to do something and your HEART gos along with it FOLLOW YOUR insticents it will help you live a more happier life because once you die atleast you look back and see even if you made the wrong choices atleast you did at your on free will

  191. three week long twilight?

  192. 214 Lauren

    When I was reading the Twilight saga, I guess I didn’t really think about how it affected my life and how it relates to me. Maybe I’m too young to understand but, what you said really spoke to me and I wish I could have gotten that much out of Twilight. Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll remember when I read that blog about that woman who read Twilight and really thought about her life, and then I’ll re-read it, and I’ll see the light.

  193. 215 angelirose09

    i can empathize with you. After I finished reading those 4 books i as craving for the fifth one, then suddenly I have to go back to reality and read my books for school and study again. I wonder if I also have the ability of not sleeping and the very retentive memory Edward has, I can Ace my exams effortlessly. After reading those books I have seen the endless limitations humans have. The only edge we have from them is that we can procreate, but they can adopt and take care of their children better because they can have businesses that are more able to sustain and support their adopted children..

  194. u know coincidentally i was thinking about this purposeless life all of last night, and how much i hate studying but love people. i am entering nursing school cuz my parents said to, but i want to be and english teacher in Korea….in any case, i can bear 3 years (annoyingly enough i have to study my butt off instead of autopilot)…but i’m only 19 and i already feel the way u described. so quit ur job ASAP and follow your dreams!! as for when u have kids, i remember growing up in poverty and having the time of my life so dont worry about them, all they need is love and a safe neighboorhood haha 😀 follow ur dreams!

    • 217 Samantha Alexander

      My college roomate has been teaching English in South Korea for over three years now. She loves it. If you want to do the nursing thing to please your parents, then that’s what you should be doing. But make sure it’s what *you* want to do. In my opinion (which you should take for what it’s worth, given my current state of affairs), pleasing your parents is an OK reason to do something for 3 years. That said, don’t get confused about why you’re doing it and be vigilant about keeping your dream alive in the meantime.

  195. The only question is thus: Given your imminent demise, what, if anything, would you actually like to do before you drop dead? Find a quiet place and ask this of yourself sans humor. If you have trouble, start with what you like. What actions really make you feel, or have you found, fulfilling? Barring that, what just seems interesting to do, since you have a limited time to try and find out.
    Once you think to yourself what it is you might really want, just slowly walk toward it, the rest will come natural.

  196. 219 wongmuntilan

    I’ve watched a plenty of movies which makes me want to quit my job, but (for me) there are bills to pay… (sigh) I wish you a better luck, Samantha ^^

  197. Very much how I feel!

    The books were amazing – the movies less so. But it did make a good point. I feel the same, like my life is a little meaningless, but I guess there’s only room to improve.

    A good read, congrats on Freshly pressed.


  198. 221 jblack55

    Congrats on your marriage and sounds like y’all had an adventerous honeymoon. Your right life is short, we have to do what it takes to live our dreams and reach our goals! Good Luck.


  199. I would agree about the human condition parasite similarities. Sometimes I wish more people were advocates of zero population growth (zpg.org), but the sad fact is, most people do nothing more than procreate any chance they get.

    If you are depressed though, maybe it’s time you started your second life.


  200. I really dont think quitting a job because of your revealation with the book is such a smart idea. I think that the book if anything would make you appreciate the life that you have, remember the cullens were limited to many things, while we have it all. as humans we just have to learn to appreciate it. I also think the twilight books , movie whatever is completely over rated, i ve read and seen vampire things that much deeper emphasis, and dosent only have to do with everlasting love.

  201. I read the books, see the movies, absolutely loved The Twilight Saga. What I don’t understand is; why so would people bring book/s on honeymoon? don’t they supposed to have fun with their spouse instead, getting to know each other better? Then again people has their own ways to spend times, so I guess why not?

  202. Thanks! The picture is one of my favourites.

    I checked out your blog. Looking forward to reading some more posts.

  203. Trite. Taking things for granted is a part of life. Everyone takes things for granted some time or another. Epiphanies occur intermittently where some person suddenly realizes life is short and feels the need to carpe diem the hell out of it. Life is long, really long. If you can derive some joy from the littlest thing like a good piss then you’re on the right track. And Kim that might be the dumbest post I’ve seen in a while.

  204. Nice post.

  205. 228 wallis

    i had gone through the similar phase and ‘paulo coehlo’ books made me look into what life is all about… may you find your purpose of life and be guided to truth.

  206. Well said!

    The challenge now is not to simply quit your job, but to find fulfilment in this (or another) job. The closest to hell is useless work, and boredom (moral sloth) is the 8th deadly sin.

    “There can be no joy in life without joy at work.” ~ St Thomas Acquinas

    In our selfish wealth-centred western culture where the cultural ideal is a care-free life (e.g. retirement on a beach in Hawaii), this is a real challenge. We so often label work as the necessary evil to get there. The meaning of life is not in the dreams of tomorrow, but the meaning of every single moment. We spend most of our waking life at work, and that is why meaning at work is so important.

    The answer is not what you do, but with how much love you do it. Small things, lots of love. That is true meaning.

  207. 230 Niina

    One of the best blog posts I’ve ever read. Heck, this is one of the best things I’ve ever read. Thank you.

    • 231 Samantha Alexander

      Thanks! Pulling the trigger on this job of mine will take courage and confidence. Your enthusiastic endorsement is much appreciated!

  208. Yeah well I totally judge you for reading that crap and this is why

    But more importantly – purrrlease keep us informed of the next step! Did you chuck in the job, move to Sarawak and start your own line of jewellery? Details!

    • 233 Samantha Alexander

      Your post is hilarious! I agree and am embarassed by my recent Twilight preoccupation. BUT, it is what it is.

      Another ending that’s better than mine! Nope, no Sarawak or jewelery making for me. Us lawyers take things sloooooooooowly. That’s not to say I’ve done nothing. Today’s post sets the stage.

      • Thanx for reading it treasure!

        You know, it’s no coincidence that you’re having so many views on this post… I think there are a lot of people out there that were meant to here this message and follow your journey.

        So you’re not doing this just for you. You are doing this to set an example and offer permission to others to be just as brave.

        Wishing you all the best luck and I can’t wait to hear more!
        Butterfly kisses

  209. 235 roger9527

    The film, the general feeling. Or just come out of “death squads” very good.

  210. 236 Dolly

    I love the twilight series. However impossible they seem to be, they do make sense after all!!! It’s not late for you to realize the fact that you need “a change” … Infact its just the beginning 😛

  211. 237 Eric

    That’s the best we can do?

    The BEST we can do is procreate, and then, raise those little homo sapiens into big homo sapiens that make a positive and constructive difference in the world on any scale because by doing so, we have made a difference. Taking the nearly incomprehensible amount of time and effort to effectively instill some decent principles into an up and comer is nothing short of amazing. Using your heart instead of the back of your hand to show a youngster the right way is impressive and in my opinion the act trumps the message from some Vampire fantasy series based on tenants of Mormonism (Nothing intrinsically wrong with/against Mormonism).

    Find me a Magellanic Penguin that accomplishes what a Parent from our gang can do when every component of the Heart, Mind and Body Machine is working as they were meant to.

    Have children, raise them with your heart and soul and then tell me “Sadly” all we will likely do is procreate.

    • 238 Samantha Alexander

      Point well taken. In the abstract, I just don’t think kids would cut it for me in the meaning department. And again the in abstract, I don’t think I’d want to burden them with providing my life with meaning. That said, I’ve heard that having kids changes your perspective (to put it mildly); it is highly likely that at some point in my life, I will stand corrected on this point.

  212. you have a really interesting point of view…
    and well, i have never realized it before… even when i have read all of the books from the twilight saga, but i think you express your point well.
    and yes, living on auto-pilot as you said it is not an option.
    i guess it doesn’t make you live life to the fullest although, occasional numbness is really handy in hard times. thank you for sharing those interesting thoughts. be wild. be free. be happy ^^


  213. An excellent and thought provoking treatise that I really enjoyed reading. Keep up the good writing; you will find it to be tremendous outlet when you things are not going well and a joy when they are!

  214. I was hoping this would be funny. Sad panda.

  215. 242 Navlan Siberwolves

    wow, did u quit from your job?

  216. 243 @ngel


    There are so many people who are searching for the real meaning of life and don’t find it. I guess because they’re searching at the wrong place. For me, the right place i found is in Jesus Christ. He is the only one who knows our (unsaid) desires and needs and i can assure you that you really can find rest in Him. Not abandoning your job but following Him. Life on earth is so restless, let Him give a new meaning to yours! Better yet than never. I’m not saying it’ll be easy, but He is a try worth :).

    Be blessed

  217. I am a little disturbed by the comments that seem to interpret these revelations as a sign of greatness in Twilight:

    They are more likely proof that the reader has not been exposed to the many other and older sources dealing with similar topics. Even the teenage-girl-with-a-centuries-old-boyfriend is a cliche, bordering on done-to-death after “Buffy”. The general idea of the difference in intellectual development and opportunities over time goes back to at least Bram Stoker (notwithstanding that his vampires suffered some mental crippling through their transition)—let alone all sources dealing with immortality, long life-spans, or vita brevis est, outside of vampires. Anyone who has read even a popular science book on e.g. astronomy or archeology should have learned of the insignifance of humanity. Etc.

    In an analogy, if someone thinks that Lady Gaga is the greatest thing ever, he probably lacks a general knowledge of music—and is impressed (at least partially) through a lack of comparisons and perspectives.

    • 245 Samantha Alexander

      Yeah, I was full speed ahead corporate lawyer. I can, however, have an intelligent conversation about Locke, Rousseau, de Tocqueville, etc. Not that I’d really want to.

  218. 246 lemongrassgirl

    good point you raise. But while our lives may be meaningless on the grand scale, how can we be sure there is a greater meaning? And even so, I think that generating our own small meanings must be purpose enough, and beautiful at that.

  219. 248 VOODOO

    No spoiler alert? I guess the only bright side to this means I don’t have to spend 2-3 hours watching the last installment then, although it seemed quite obvious what would happen in the end.

    Also, why does it sound like you had the most amazing honeymoon in history of man kind and still worry about wasting your time? That’s madness!

  220. That is a very good point!

  221. thanks for all becase useful infomation.

  222. Isn’t it unbelievable how easy it is to become completely immersed in the Twilight saga? I began with the books… And unfortunately I decided to begin reading them in the last few months of my senior year of college. I spent more hours reading those damn Twilight books than doing my senior portfolio. (I still graduated, thankfully! Haha.) But I was convinced, at first, that I wouldn’t fall into that meaningless crap. Turns out… I was wrong. I fell into it… And IT’S INCREDIBLE. What a love story, huh?

    The Twilight saga has completely contributed to change in my life. I love with everything I have now, realizing it won’t last forever. I loved your story! Thanks for blogging! Feel free to check out my most recent blog,

    “A Real Man… Ohhhh this one’s funny.”
    It’s short and super cute. Good for women 😉 Take care!

  223. 252 shadowyabyss

    Not a strange revelation at all. I made a life change after and episode of the English Soap Eastenders that resonated with me.
    It is then that I decided that I did want to go, that I did want to emigrate and put the wheels in motion.
    It is often unexpected things that can put perspectives on things. Gettignout of the usual routine.

    Good luck!

  224. 253 Rustam

    Very nice.
    I will be you subscribe ) Thanks !

  225. The blog is really nice one and full of information we appreciate the kind of information you have provided in this post. This is a good information i got from here.I really liked it and this information is worth remembering.Because of these wonderful information in this post the blog can be viewed again and again.

  226. 255 Banki

    Your articles are very inspiring indeed. I keep coming back! There are so many things I agree on. I hope we can exhange ideas in the future.

  227. It was great!
    Thank you for sharing …

  228. 257 Pinky

    Wow, and I thought I loved Twilight. Very interesting thoughts, but I’m a religious girl, so most of what you wrote about I don’t subscribe to. I belive that this life is a preparation for the next life which will be greater than this one; we must learn all we can from it.

  229. WOW! I never thought of Twilight that way but your right! This was such an eye opener!

  230. I picked up Twilight by accident in a grocery store on a camping trip. It also made me want to quit my job…but that’s because I was excited Paranormal Romance finally hit main stream:)

    …Now I just need 1/2839 of Meyer’s luck…

  231. I agree. While I did LOVE the twilight books, and like the movies, they did -not- make me want to quit my “job”. I write! lol. I am currently unemployed, and as depressing as that is/sounds, it is actually the most freeing feeling in the world. I’ve been a writer since I was a freshmen in high school, and finally being able to do what I’ve always loved is just perfect (though it never pays and probably never will).
    I am on my way now, in the process of getting newer credentials and a better job than I had before, but I too feel like I am working toward going to jail as opposed to doing something that will ultimately make me happier. I will once again be a 9-5er and be committing to “jail-time” everyday, so that I can come home and do what I love – write. If only what I write could become a world-wide phenomenon *sigh*.
    Speaking of my writing, I have several books here on wordpress, on The Nexus – the central point for each of my different books (there’s like, 13 or something like that on here, and a dozen or so still sitting in milk crates in my closet). It is what makes me smile when I think of having to go to jail for 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, for the next (hopefully) 80 years.
    So yeah, do me a favor and blast http://www.kylewrittenword.wordpress.com from the rooftops of… New York and Dubai and all those other amazing places you visit. lmao.

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