Busy, busy, busy


Very luckily, I have an awesome husband who does cool stuff like suprising me with a trip to Napa for my birthday.  So I am peacing out on Friday, and leaving my bullshit behind for a weekend, in order to enjoy my husband and all of the greenery, good food and coastal views (maybe) that northern Cali can possibly offer us in two days.  Because of this, however, I must work extra hard today and tomorrow, since I don’t want to be in the awkward position of having to leave my bosses to finish my work (which they would have to, since I absolutely refuse to cancel this trip or to work while in Napa).   Plus, I think they may be trying to work me to death — since my death would be cheaper than laying me off (I think they have life insurance me, to boot) — and I’m not havin’ any of that.

SO, below is a quick update.  I left work early yesterday, feeling sick from exhaustion and insufficient nutrition (have been living on lattes, cupcakes and Excedrin for too many consecutive days), and so got a LOT done on my career/job search, while laying on my couch in sweatpants (best working conditions ever):

1.  My brother was great in tracking down some publishing industry leads (or at least people who may be able to get me access to publishing industry leads) and I e-mailed two of those people yesterday.  One has responded, with a promise to provide more info in the next couple of days.  I am optimistic.

2.  My father was a bit of a pussy in tracking down leads for me, so it looks like I”m going to have to take matters into my own hands there.  He has a colleague who has a daughter, who used to be an editor for now-defunct Madmoiselle magazine.  The colleague didn’t offer up his daughter’s contact info and my Dad is too gentile to be so forward as to ask, so I’m going to call up the guy my damn self … sometime next week.

3.  In an effort to keep my ears open for networking events and helpful information, I put myself on the mailing lists for (i) The Media Counsel at the Paley Center for Media, (ii)  Women in Periodical Publishing, (iii) NYC Women in Publishing, and (iv) Women, Action & the Media

4.  Requested membership, or at least information on which other groups to join, from the News Women’s Club of New York and Women’s Media Group.  Both groups seem really hardcore, power-women-in-media-ish, but maybe something will come out of the inquiry.  Probably not, but maybe.

5.  Started an exercise that Judith gave me.  You divide a piece of paper into two columns.  In the left-hand column you write an affirmation designed to address a specific fear.  For example, “I, Samantha Alexander, now allow myself to blaze my own trail.”  Then you write it twice more, once in the second person and once in the third person.  Every time you write an affirmation in the left-hand column, you write in the right hand column the thoughts that immediately come into your mind upon writing whatever you put in the left.  Repeat.  A lot.  Then read back everything in the right hand column, thank yourself for your opinion, and move on.  It’s kind of cool.  My husband kept talking to me, so I could only do about 10 mins of it, but I plan to pick it back up on the plane to Napa.

6.  The outfit for the cocktail party will be knowledge of my skills and accomplishments, paired with confidence and genuine desire to get involved, wrapped up in a cute black dress by Nanette Lepore that says “professional”, “young” AND “creative”.  And it has pockets for easy access to my business cards (one of Judith’s tricks), on the back of which I will write the name of the event that I will be attending, so that maybe the people to whom I give cards will remember who the hell I am (another of Judith’s tricks). 

7.  Read through the website of the Association of American Publishers, which is super-helpful because (i) it has a job listing page that’s free to access and (ii) it gives a really great overview of the book publishing industry and the kinds of jobs/functions within it.

Agenda for next week: track down law school professors and alums in entertainment law (since that may be an easier first step to make), work on my information request letters to editor-alumni, track down Dad’s colleague’s daughter, call husband’s third cousin’s friend, who was a magazine editor before she got laid off last year, and mother’s second cousin, who reads scripts for something, and work on some of the exercises in “What Color Is Your Parachute?” — since right now my parachute is a rainbow-colored tie-dye, which I probably isn’t ideal.

Until next week …


4 Responses to “Busy, busy, busy”

  1. 1 Alexa-Lunchtime Explorer

    I hope you have fun on your trip to Napa!
    I am inspired by your journey and want to do something similar, but I feel trapped by my own set of circumstances, you know?

    Keep plugging away, I feel that if you can do it, I can do it too.

  2. 2 mk

    God helps those that help themselves, I’ve heard. If you don’t take action you become a victim and you’ve shown you are no victim. You go girl. You should really be proud of yourself. Get some rest in Napa and come back fighting. You’ll be out of that awful job before you know it.

  3. Have fun in Napa Valley! Some rest and space from your work and the city will probably help you clear your thoughts about everything.

    I couldn’t answer in your other post but my schedule probably differs from most editors because I also manage the store owned by the publisher. So I have a 11-8 schedule some days and 9-5 on others. I would guess a lot of office jobs in publishing are like most jobs with 9-5. The other editors I work with hae that schedule. I don’t see them do much overtime or bring work home with them much unless they missed a deadline and have to make up for it.

  4. A tie-dye parachute sounds like it would be perfect for me! Perhaps we can make a trade?

    I don’t know if you’ve bought my book yet, http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Passenger/Tygarjas-Twyrls-Bigstyck/e/9781602646339/?itm=1&USRI=tygarjas , but please pass it on to anyone you think could get a butt-load of my book sold, or anyone who’s looking for an idea for a multi-million dollar Hollywood movie deal, on your way to becoming a successful editor for a major publishing industry player!

    Enjoy my backyard this weekend!

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