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Well, Colorado was a blast. I have no late-night trysts with hard-bodied ski instructors to report, but some good did come out of the trip despite that unfortunate fact.  First, skiing is my newfound favorite winter sport.  I must take this opportunity to pat myself on the back, as I am natural skiing talent. That’s […]

If you caught the premier of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” you would know that, according to Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel anyway, owning a Ferrari is clutch for many a wealthy Manhattanite. And just when we thought that a Birkin bag and a closet of couture were all we needed to be valuable […]

As a single, my life would be incomplete if, every now and then, I weren’t faced with a situation that forced me to ask myself, “Just how desperate am I, exactly?” Maybe I will face the question when deciding whether to call someone back. Or maybe it will come when I must decide whether to […]

We all knew it was coming. It started with $130 ballet flats and has fully arrived with a line of dog clothing and a new catalog shot in the Kaufmann House, “an icon of Modernist architecture.” Doggie sweaters? Modernist architecture? Remember when J. Crew was all about country and earth, leather and human sweaters? Well, […]

Have you HEARD? Riche Rich, pro figure skater come club kid come fashion designer, may be out for the count. Heatherette, the brand co-designed by Rich and Traver Rains, will not present at the currently ongoing fall Fashion Week. Word on the street has it that Fashion Week sponsors would not allow Heatherette to put […]