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The phrase, “quarter-life crisis”, always sends me back in time, to the tiny little bedroom of my tiny little Upper East Side apartment.  It was about five years ago, and I was sitting on my queen-sized bed, which took up the entire width and most of the length of the room, talking on the phone with […]

So, life has been woefully stressful lately. What with the flu, the Mr. Zegna situation, and the struggle to maintain a work/life/blogging balance, I’m fairly burnt out. Just a post-script on the Mr. Zegna situation, for those of you who are tuned in: we have since reconciled on the butterflies issue and forged ahead. But […]

Growing up, I surrounded myself with heterosexual boys. I was attractive, boys liked me, I liked boys, and I knew that unless I became romantically involved with them, boys were usually loyal — or at the very least, they would never be cruel or hurtful. Girls, on the other hand, seemed catty, backstabbing, and generally […]

Last night I had the opportunity to choose between sitting at home and waiting for a guy to call me, while (of course) wallowing in self-pity, or meeting some friends at Azza, Midtown East’s resident North African-themed restaurant and lounge. What with appearances by Scarlett Johansson and, err, Lance Bass, along with chef Stephen Ferdinand, […]

I can’t help but wonder if you can love someone and not even know it. Everyone says, “you just know.” I’m not entirely convinced. Sometimes you can think you love someone, so that when they tell you something like: “We can’t go back to my place because I have this old guy staying with me […]

If you love guidos as much as I do, JoEy tHa KiDDD!!!’s MySpace profile is a “must see” on your itinerary of mindless internet surfing. Author unknown, the site dissects the guido down to conception, fully taking advantage of all the bells and whistles MySpace has to offer – right down to the URL ( […]

In case you’ve ever wondered how people find their match in this city of 8 million+, here is my rundown of some New York-brand dating options. In addition to the the tried and true (i.e. going about your business and pursuing your own interests), those hell-bent on finding a match are apt for the following […]