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Wow. I thought that posting the lyrics to love songs on your profile and changing your relationship status were public enough. I had no idea. In today’s tech-savvy world, there really are countless ways to humiliate those you were once intimate with. And for us voyeurs, who needs reality shows when you have genuine, unscripted […]

Things with Mr. Zegna have been progressing smoothly. We’re almost ready to plant tomatoes. Almost. We passed the exclusivity road mark a few miles back and I am happy to say that most of his women, save for one, have finally stopped calling. Stay tuned for brilliantly-hatched plans on how to put the kibosh on […]

As a woman, it is so difficult to know when to be strong and when to be vulnerable. Even worse, confusing the two can spell relationship disaster. Like many women, I tend to put my guard up during the courtship. Subconsciously I think to myself, “Stay independent, stay in control, he won’t be able to […]

What twisted webs we weave. I can’t even begin to recount the recent weeks of drama with Mr. Zegna. Actually, I could, but I’ll spare you. Our current status is “technically together.” Translation: I’m on hold. And that’s not a cynical translation. Literally, we have agreed that he may reserve me for a couple of […]

So, life has been woefully stressful lately. What with the flu, the Mr. Zegna situation, and the struggle to maintain a work/life/blogging balance, I’m fairly burnt out. Just a post-script on the Mr. Zegna situation, for those of you who are tuned in: we have since reconciled on the butterflies issue and forged ahead. But […]

As a single, my life would be incomplete if, every now and then, I weren’t faced with a situation that forced me to ask myself, “Just how desperate am I, exactly?” Maybe I will face the question when deciding whether to call someone back. Or maybe it will come when I must decide whether to […]

I’m posting this as a “Part I” since I have absolutely no doubt that there will be a “Part II.” Clearly, I know what I’m dealing with. So Mr. Zegna decided that, even though we’ve known each other for a while (we have a history that dates back far before my post about him), he […]