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Wow. I thought that posting the lyrics to love songs on your profile and changing your relationship status were public enough. I had no idea. In today’s tech-savvy world, there really are countless ways to humiliate those you were once intimate with. And for us voyeurs, who needs reality shows when you have genuine, unscripted […]

It’s 4:00 on a sunny Friday. Temperatures are in the low 70’s and you’ve managed to bullshit through your last assignment, put off the rest, and dodge your bosses on the way to the elevator. Yes, you are free for the weekend – the beautiful, beautiful weekend. It’s time to meet your beau and head […]

Not too long ago I read an article reporting on the closing of Wolfie Cohen’s Rascal House Restaurant. Yes, after 54 years anchoring New York-style, Jewish-American culture into the bedrock of South Florida, the establishment has given way to South Beach’s premiere gourmet superstore, Epicure Market. Once independent businesses, both Epicure and Rascal House were […]

 “Washed” spinach – fine.  Beef – fine.  Kids’ toys – err, whatever.  But buffalo mozzarella?  That soft, spongy, creamy, deliciousness which my caprese salad could not exist without?  NOOOOOOOOO!!  Today, just four days after a police investigation of dioxin levels in Italian mozzarella, Reuters reports that the European Commission has asked Italy to officially rubber-stamp […]

Finally, there will be change at Starbucks. Just when I thought I was going to have to take the three avenue walk to Bendel’s in order to get some quality coffee during my workday. So are they going to have their baristas actually make your coffee drinks, as opposed to just pushing buttons? Oh, what […]

Just when you thought that South Florida couldn’t be more like New York (save for the weather, the flora, and the Cuban Diaspora), UrbanDaddy reports that the Hotel Gansevoort is opening up shop in Miami Beach. Whew! In recent years, Hotel Gansevoort has taken a sharp turn down Lombard Street, despite Garden of Ono’s best […]

So, life has been woefully stressful lately. What with the flu, the Mr. Zegna situation, and the struggle to maintain a work/life/blogging balance, I’m fairly burnt out. Just a post-script on the Mr. Zegna situation, for those of you who are tuned in: we have since reconciled on the butterflies issue and forged ahead. But […]