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Now, as much as I *hate* to jump on the “sling mud at the hopeful’s wife” bandwagon, I’m going to. And I’m going to do it only because this woman’s stupidity begs, pleads, GROVELS for it. Of course, I speak of none other than Janet Huckabee, wife of Mike Huckabee, my second favorite 2008 GOP […]

Ah, coming home from vacation … I always try to keep up on the news while I’m away. For instance, while on my V-Day cruise to Mexico I learned that Kosovo (or should we now call it, “Kosova”?) declared its independence. I also knew that the NYPD arraigned the meat cleaver killer (whew!). I knew […]

Someone once asked me whether or not I wanted children. Being trained as a lawyer, I often answer questions with questions, so I asked, “Do you think they could genetically engineer a quiet one?” After getting a negative response, I continued, “Does Valium stunt growth? … What if it’s mashed up in jelly?” My comments […]

This is hilarious. The ABA Journal’s Question of the Week, readers were asked to submit responses to the question, “What’s the most entertaining Hollywood-themed footnote you’ve read [in a judicial opinion]?” The winner came out of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals: “The trial transcript quotes Ms. Hayden as saying Murphy called her a snitch […]

And of course, California had ’em first. CNN reports: The beauty here extends beyond the easy access. It’s all about the concept of the store, the Tu Pac posters, and the guy behind the counter. Somehow, we went from debating the legality and desirability of medicinal marijuana to providing it via vending machines in stores […]

Men and women are held to different standards in lots of different contexts. Some make sense (sports); some don’t (sport sex). Some I like, even if they don’t make sense (the paying of the check); some I wouldn’t like if Gloria Steinham herself endorsed them (the “Old Boys’ Club”). One area that confuses me, however, […]

I am decidedly a-political. After Bush won his second reelection, I officially stopped giving a shit. Actually, that’s not true. After Bush won his second reelection, I just realized that I don’t have the stomach for politics. I care, but I can’t get too involved. When I do, there is angst. And tears. And agita. […]