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Or at best, it’s a neutral tone.  Regardless, it isn’t chromatic. I returned to purgatory on Sunday night.  Good, in that I didn’t have too much time to anticipate my return to work; bad, in that I was returning to work.  Napa was truly wonderful, as any place with amazing food, good wine and beautiful […]

So, life has been woefully stressful lately. What with the flu, the Mr. Zegna situation, and the struggle to maintain a work/life/blogging balance, I’m fairly burnt out. Just a post-script on the Mr. Zegna situation, for those of you who are tuned in: we have since reconciled on the butterflies issue and forged ahead. But […]

We should be proud to say that Renny & Reed calls our city home. Actually, not only does the premier florist call Manhattan home, but it also never fails to erect an atrocious display outside of its Park Avenue store. The most recent display, pictured here, caught me by surprise as I wandered from Alice’s […]

If you love guidos as much as I do, JoEy tHa KiDDD!!!’s MySpace profile is a “must see” on your itinerary of mindless internet surfing. Author unknown, the site dissects the guido down to conception, fully taking advantage of all the bells and whistles MySpace has to offer – right down to the URL ( […]

I had one hell of a day doing nothing in particular. Remember when I said, “The reality is that …. a [system of small-scale, organic food production] may only ever exist for the relatively deep-pocketed and/or truly industrious among us?” Well I’m not that industrious. I do, however, have a credit card. So, I started […]

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Just arrived back from my cruise today. My sincere apologies for the lack of warning and for my failure to remotely update Queen Samantha. My hectic lifestyle doesn’t lend itself to foresight and my low bank account balance didn’t lend itself to Royal Caribbean’s $28/hr internet access fees. Overall, the trip was a good time; […]