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I was expecting Moscow to be a drab, gray relic of Soviet days past.  In many ways, it inevitably is.  But underneath all of that gray is a pulsating city that pushes its way through its own drab exterior, exploding in jagged rooftops, 4-inch stiletto heels, tinted Mercedes and displays of power the likes of […]

Small Spaces


Max and Sarah Kate’s bedroom. (Notice where the baby sleeps) Many (dare I say, most?) young city dwellers move once per year, packing up their lives, often putting it in storage for a short time before moving into another less-than-ideal space. With consumerism running rampant in this city, it is amazing that some of us […]

Transient Bliss


The phone rings. Or vibes, as it were. It’s never him. I have to believe that more often than not, people are put in our lives for just a moment. That moment, however long it may last, is only ever long enough to give us the clarity we need to go on; to learn whatever […]

It’s already one of those off days. It began with the i-Pod. my first i-Pod lasted under two years. Disillusioned, yet hopeful, I made the irrational decision to cough up another $300 for a new one. This time, I spent an additional $50 on a warranty, in some sense trying to rationalize the purchase. Did […]