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It’s been a while since I’ve written and I feel bad about it.  I started this blog to provide hope to people while gaining some clarity for myself.   Those goals haven’t changed.  I still need to write, and maybe others still need to read about what I’m going through.  So here I am. But why […]

Growing up, I surrounded myself with heterosexual boys. I was attractive, boys liked me, I liked boys, and I knew that unless I became romantically involved with them, boys were usually loyal — or at the very least, they would never be cruel or hurtful. Girls, on the other hand, seemed catty, backstabbing, and generally […]

I can’t help but wonder if you can love someone and not even know it. Everyone says, “you just know.” I’m not entirely convinced. Sometimes you can think you love someone, so that when they tell you something like: “We can’t go back to my place because I have this old guy staying with me […]

Want to do something novel with your Saturday night? Head over to the 45th Street Theater for the off-off-Broadway hit, “Happy Hour, The Show: Sex, Relationships, and Sometimes … Love.” Written by Joelle Arqueros, it’s an hour-long series of short monologues having nothing and everything to do with love, sex and relationships. The play takes […]

V-Day Revisited


Single or not, I never liked Valentine’s Day. The consumer focus and the pressure to harbor and display emotions that I may not actually feel — well, the whole thing just turns me off. I would always tell my love interests not to buy flowers or presents. We would go out to dinner so as […]

Here is what I learned tonight: 1) Do not keep anyone in your life that does not make your life better (save for family and family-like figures, but sometimes even those). Life is too short to deal with unnecessary heartache. Loved ones may die, you may be the victim of some crime or calamity, your […]

Transient Bliss


The phone rings. Or vibes, as it were. It’s never him. I have to believe that more often than not, people are put in our lives for just a moment. That moment, however long it may last, is only ever long enough to give us the clarity we need to go on; to learn whatever […]