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Call me spoiled or criticize me for want of instant gratification, but I’m getting a bit tired of this reinvent myself, change my life thing.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve since been medicated, so life doesn’t seem so bad (read: misery is motivating).  My exasperation may also stem from talking to lots of people who all […]

[Photo via Start, Grow, Prosper] Last night, I represented my alma mater at a regional college fair.  I felt sorry for the kids and parents I spoke with, for a couple of reasons: 

[Image via Esquire] A number of the comments to my last post were dangerously inspiring.  I wanted to live up to your expectations, take drastic action to be true to my own words, provide you with the most exciting follow-up post that I could conjure.  In short, I wanted to quit my job.  Straight up, […]

Not too long ago I resolved to make better financial decisions in my effort to conquer New York City life. In case you’re wondering how it’s going, here is an update on my status, resolution by resolution: Sit-down dinners. I have not paid for my own sit-down dinner more than once/week. One point for me. […]